30 Babies Who Look Exactly Like Celebrities

By Chris

When it comes to your child, one of the first questions you’ll hear from friends and relatives is whether he or she looks like dad or mum. However, there are some children that could look like someone completely different. Looking at your infant and seeing how much they resemble a well-known celebrity or public figure must be a shock. The problem is, it’s not as odd as you might think, and it’s an amusing coincidence. To take it a step further, some parents dress their children up as the celebrities they admire. To brighten your day, we have a few newborn doppelgangers who bear an uncanny likeness to superstars.

1. Oscar-winning baby

Take this kid for example, it’s not hard to confirm that he looks like the famous actor and filmmaker Matt Damon. He has a series of hit movies and is ranked among the highest-grossing actors in the industry.


That charming smile, sparkling eyes, and attractive dimples have stolen many hearts. The features on this child’s face were the same as what we said. He may become a Martian in later life, but it is up to him to decide.