30 Easy DIY Projects That Can Be Done Within Hour!

By Chris

Many people like to do DIY projects at home, as it can save them quite a lot of money. Furthermore, we often desire a sense of accomplishment when they do something themselves. However, there are only 24 hours a day. With work, school, chores, and parenting, we only have a few hours left in a day to relax and enjoy ourselves.

Worry not! We’ve set together a collection of easy DIY projects that will take just an hour or less to complete for you. As this is an extensive list, we won’t have time to give step-by-step instructions for every project. This is to inspire you with options about what you can accomplish in a short amount of time.

Painting Mason Jars in easy DIY projects
Credit: Shutterstock

30. Painting Mason Jars

The first thing in easy DIY projects is Painting Mason Jars. Since farm décor has grown in popularity, painted mason jars have appeared on Etsy in all shapes and sizes. They have been made into vases, wall lights, central decorations, and even soap dispensers. While some people spend their money buying these at handcraft shows, they are straightforward to find!


Painting Mason Jars
Credit: Curious Carrie on Etsy

Walmart sells ten build packs for just $ 10. If you don’t have Walmart nearby, most major grocery stores will sell them on the same aisle where you’ll find aluminum foil and saran wrap. (You also don’t have to use a Mason jar. Any glass box will do.) Next, you need to buy some chalk finishes. They take on a number of colors, and with a matte pastel finish, they still dry. Be sure to spread some newspaper before painting it on top of the jar. Allow them to dry and voila! You have a lovely farm decoration piece for your house.