Stars Who Hid Their Pregnancy From The World

By Chris

We often hear about an actress signing a movie contract and then finding out she’s pregnant. Many writers could change the script to include their pregnancy in the show, or try to cover it up with clever camera angles or baggy clothing. One way or another, fans won’t even be able to notice the baby bump. In some of our favorite movies and TV series, several famous actresses have kept their pregnancies a secret. Here are a few ways they’ve tried to hide their pregnant belly!

Angela Kinsey hid her pregnancy at work.

The drama ”The Office” has been broadcast for nine seasons. The show has won numerous awards and established itself as one of the most groundbreaking comedy shows of the century. It has also led to a cult following from “Dunder Mifflin” lovers of all things and spawned several viral memes on the internet. Angela Kinsey, who also plays a character named Angela, became pregnant during the show’s ninth season. However, it’s easy to find a workaround for the actress as the film is set in an office, which means there’s a lot to hide – printer, desk, copier, and file pair.

Amanda Rightetti – Psychologist

Amanda Righetti became pregnant while filming the fifth season of the hit series The Mentalist. Moreover, the show’s writers had a complex puzzle: how to hide the actress’ belly from the viewer’s eyes. This is how they successfully hid. For the film’s professional reasons, the actress’s hands are almost always placed in front of her midsection, especially when the angles are set correctly. She was also filmed standing behind random obstacles – water coolers, boxes, or desks – and these worked wonders.

Reese Witherspoon – Vanity Fair

The movie ”Vanity Fair” has been out for a while. But fans didn’t know that actress Reese Witherspoon was pregnant during filming. Thankfully, this is when sportswear for pregnant women is popular, so it all falls into place. But that doesn’t mean the crew didn’t do much extra behind-the-scenes work to hide her plight. Talk about dark, flowing dresses, matte sets, and some CGI changes here and there to reduce her actual size on the screen.


Kate Winslet – Divergent

Kate Winslet is a familiar actress in the sci-fi movie, Divergent. But few people know that her personality is much more than what she cares. Kate Winslet was pregnant during filming, five months to be exact! The question now is: how can the British star keep this not-so-small fact secret? A lot has happened behind the scenes to work the magic. From dark outfits to lots of props used to cover up her swelling, Katey can do this.

Kelly Rutherford – Gossip Girl

In the popular series Gossip Girl, the character Lily Van der Woodsen plays a mother, and Kelly Rutherford plays that role. The real-life Kelly wasn’t a mom at the show’s start, but she will be pregnant during the filming of the fifth season. Here’s how the writers handled this without changing the plot of being pregnant. Instead, they ensured her character only appeared in an outdoor setting, where she could wear baggy clothes and a trench coat to hide her pregnant belly. You have to give it to them; That’s a clever workaround.