Celebrities People No Longer Admire

By Chris

Admiring individuals in the public eye comes naturally to many of us. Whether it’s a beloved musician, a renowned athlete, or a popular movie star, there are numerous reasons to appreciate exceptionally talented individuals. However, when such individuals experience a downfall or loss of reputation, it can be particularly disheartening. In a recent Reddit discussion, users shared their thoughts on celebrities they once admired but no longer did. Various factors, such as scandals, rumors, and even criminal activities, have significantly altered people’s perceptions of these individuals. Let’s explore some of the celebrities who have lost the admiration of the public.

Lea Michele

Lea Michele, known for her role as the talented and ambitious Rachel Berry on the television show Glee, had long been perceived as a talented and promising actress. Her on-screen persona seemed to align closely with her real-life personality, as she showcased her impressive skills in acting, singing, and dancing, which initially gained her recognition on Broadway.


However, over time, rumors began to circulate about Lea Michele’s demanding and challenging behavior on set. These speculations gained traction until 2020 when her former co-star, Samantha Ware, publicly accused her of exhibiting racist behavior during their time working together. Other members of the cast voiced their agreement, and as a consequence, the actress faced the loss of lucrative sponsorship deals, which had a significant impact on her professional standing.