Celebrity Kids Who Are Best Friends In Real Life

By Chris

Imagine photographers and fans following your every move, from what you eat for breakfast to how you wash your hair. That is what life is like for celebrities. They must be careful and aware of their every move. The same goes for people they surround themselves with, even as kids. Here are some of the most famous celeb kids and their besties!

Victoria Beckham’s Daughter And Prince George

Believe it or not, royals also need friends and acquaintances. That’s how Victoria and David Beckham’s daughter became friends with prince George. The couple, Victoria and David, attended the Dutch and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding in 2011. Harper, Beckham’s daughter, is said to have her birthday at the royal Buckingham Palace. What a dream come true!

Victoria Beckham's Daughter And Prince George

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Reese Witherspoon’s Sons

Reese Witherspoon and Sarah Michelle Gellar became friends after filming a cult thriller, Cruel Intentions. Who remembers this legendary banger?! We sure do! Nonetheless, their children are, believe it or not, best buds! They shared that Rocky and Tennessee, their sons, are friends. This allows their moms to spend time together and reminisce on the good old days. 

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Reese Witherspoon's Sons

Jennifer Garner And Brooke Burke-Charvet’s Kids

It’s interesting to observe how celebs, besides all the fame and glamour, are people at the end of the day. They drive their kids to school and do math homework with them. That’s how we felt when we learned that Jennifer Garner is the head of a carpool that involves Brooke Burke- Charvet’s kids. Jennifer Garner is one of those actresses that decided to put their career aside and be a stay-at-home mom. We respect that!

Jennifer Garner And Brooke Burke-Charvet's Kids

Alyson Hannigan And Cobie Smulders’ Daughters

The two know each other on the set of the infamous sitcom How I Met Your Mother. In the show, the two were best friends, so they went on and continued in the same manner and transferred their friendship to real life. Not only that, but their daughters started hanging out, too. The age difference between the two daughters is a mere seven weeks, so when one is joining her mother on set, the other has to. That is so adorable! There is nothing better than making your bestie’s daughter your daughter’s bestie, too.


Jessica Alba And Eric Dane’s Kids

Jessica Alba met up with her friend Eric Dane and his wife, Rebecca Gayheart, to let their children roam around and play at the playground. We always wondered if that’s something that often happens or here and there, sporadically. Then, these pictures of Jess and Eric surfaced on Popsugar. We imagine the parents are enjoying their quality time with the kids and friends at the same time. The kids seem to be having fun, too.

Blue Ivy Carter And Apple Martin

Blue Ivy arguably has the most famous parents in the world. It’s not a tame thing to say Queen B herself is your mother or legendary rapper Jay-Z is your father. The girl has to deal with a lot of pressure and fame. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s daughter Apple Martin is Ivy’s bestie. Someone she can confide in and her first confidant. The two look gorgeous and sweet together. Just look at this picture from Gwyneth Paltrow’s Instagram page. Adorable!

Blue Ivy Carter And Apple Martin

Gideon And Harper Harris-Burtka And Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John

What is more iconic than hanging out with Sir Elton John and his family? Neil Patrick Harris’ twins, Gideon and Harper, surely can’t be any happier. They are spotted being friendly and funny with Elton John’s offspring. The two happy families were spotted vacationing in St. Tropez. If you look at this photo, you will see their faces are painted with joy and happiness. The dads are doing an awesome job!

Gideon And Harper Harris-Burtka And Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John