Celebrity Homes Makeover on a Budget inspired by Dakota Johnson’s Fabulous House!

By Chris

Who is Dakota Johnson? She is one of the biggest rising stars of the past few years in the movie world. Furthermore, the actress is famous for investing her income from Hollywood into her beloved wonderful home in Los Angeles. Have you seen it yet? Her style is unique and quirky, which shows off her personality perfectly. The beautiful house stands out in the middle of a wooded area in Los Angeles. Today, why don’t you join us in exploring the many remarkable features of this breathtaking famous house?

Credit: Simon Upton

1. Treehouse on a boat

One of the things this actress likes about it is that it looks like a treehouse except on a cruise. We do not insure what that means, but we will take her word for it that it’s the pinnacle of fashion this year. Carl Maston designed this magnificent home, and Dakota jumped at the chance to purchase it four years ago. It was the second on their list as she went on a day of viewings with her realtor.