The Funniest WTF Hollywood Stars Moments

By Chris

Even though they are famous, most Hollywood stars are still human and have moments they don’t want the public to see. Everyone wants excellent photos, and stars are no exception. No one wants their unflattering images to be spread all over the internet. Today, let’s find out the funniest photos of your favorite Hollywood stars they want to bury forever.

1. Britney Spears and her bad hair day

We often see celebrities looking flawless in their everyday life. Most don’t appear in public with shabby clothes and a bad hairstyle. However, this photo of Britney Spears has made those who see her think differently. Everyone has a bad hair day. And maybe even the top Hollywood star is still like us. While we feel bad for what she’s gone through in her role as conservator, we can’t help but rejoice that her hair isn’t perfect.

2. Bella Hadid falling on the stairs

While she can walk confidently on the catwalk, it seems like Bella Hadid still suffered from minor mishaps when going down the stairs like us average humans. On her social media, the famous model always looks gorgeous and sexy. However, she is very prone to accidents when going to events on the red carpet or backstage. Here you see her falling down the stairs. It must have been painful, as we could see some bruises appearing on her legs.

3. Leonardo should avoid volleyball.


Who doesn’t know Leonardo DiCaprio, to be honest? Among his beautiful photos from many movies, there are other unflattering images of the superstar himself. In this case, he rarely plays volleyball; you can see why in this photo below. We bet he will never win games with that stance; all the actor will get is a bunch of balls and sand hitting his pretty face. Maybe he should try other sports because he’s not suitable for this game. Fortunately, he has great acting talent and various awards to compensate for his sports shortcomings.

4. Lindsay Lohan’s mischief

Lindsay Lohan was once a darling of Hollywood and the media. She, in turn, has hit movies at the box office. Who can forget Mean Girls, The Parent Trap, Herbie: Full Loaded, Just My Luck, and Freaky Friday? However, the actress has had many problems affecting her image. She is said to be always late on set, drinking excessively, and partying excessively. This photo captured her in a moment so drunk she didn’t know what to do. Thankfully, she’s in a much better place in her personal life today.

5. Alicia Alden and her dress ‘zipper.’

Actress Alicia Arden is no stranger to audiences with films like Enemy Within, Baywatch, and Blowback. And at one event, she wore an evening gown on the red carpet that looked good when she went out because the paparazzi would take her picture. Nevertheless, the Hollywood star suffered some major wardrobe issues in this photo. You see her fiddling with the zipper of her blue dress. We can only hope she can fix it in time. How could she move otherwise if her dress was hanging open because of the faulty zipper?