The Funniest Sports Snapshots Taken At The Right Moment

By Chris

Athletes are some of the most amazing people on earth. They are often seen as idols because they show us the incredible things the human body can do. Sometimes they even go further than what should be humanly possible. However, that doesn’t mean their photos will also come out perfectly every time. Today, we’ve collected some of the funniest sports bloopers to have ever happened that have been captured on camera, and some of them had us rolling on the floor laughing! Which one do you think is the absolute funniest blooper of them all? We hope you enjoy these as much as we did.

“I’m looking good!”

This wakeboarder was on his way to breaking a record when he suddenly realized he wasn’t alone. The water below him acted like a mirror, showing a very good-looking man, and he didn’t hesitate to get closer to his mirror image. Anyway, it makes a funny and beautiful picture!

It’s all about the Angles

This athlete had just finished bar vaulting and hit the mat when a photographer captured the moment. Unfortunately, it didn’t make for a very flattering one. We’re sure there were better shots of her in action, leaping over the high pole and landing amazingly! 


This hilarious photo shows a gymnast with a red ball for a head. But at first glance, it looks pretty eery! Of course, this is only due to optical illusion: her head is hidden behind the ball. It’s a hilarious photograph taken at the right time by a very keen-eyed photographer at the scene.

Ball head

This seems to be a recurring theme! This basketball player also has a ball for the head. However, this angle of the shot makes the photo look hilarious as the ball fit right in with the player’s uniform. Maybe he should try this style of hair sometimes. 

How does it taste?

This photo made us crawl on the floor laughing. For some reason, this basketball player seems to stick out his tongue toward the armpit of the other player. Why is he doing it, and why does he even have his tongue out in that position? Yet, it does make for a hilarious picture!


Shampoo advertising

This player seems to be posing for a shampoo commercial, the way he flicked his hair back and is charmingly dousing it with his water bottle. Temperatures must’ve risen high for him to water it all over his head to cool down. We’re sure his female fans found it pretty hot.

We were really shocked.

Can you guess what these swimmers are so shocked about? They’re probably just doing one of the scenes during the performance, but the expression of the one behind was really authentic and laughable. Maybe they just found out that they had won the competition.

In coming!!!

Hold on! We need a moment to laugh this off. Is this swimmer doing a cannonball? Or he just really has to go number two? Just looking at his face, he’s pulling every muscle in his body. Whatever it is, it makes for a good laugh picture.

Magic water

This photo looks bizarre yet incredible. It’s a swimmer emerging from below but hasn’t broken the water’s surface tension. Moreover, the water surrounding him looks like jelly or slime. This picture was timed perfectly because, just one second later, the water surface would’ve been broken, and the image would’ve been different.

Here’s a leg

This hilarious snapshot of these athletics shows one of them trying to keep the one on top upright. However, the one at the top seems to have been surprised by the sudden approach of the foot that she couldn’t keep her face straight. Maybe the foot was too cold? Anyway, it makes for a hilarious picture that is perfectly timed.