Incredible Bucket List Destinations you Should Check Out!

By Chris

People often feel pressured to work more than 40 hours a week because of having to follow the money. In fact, many of us often have limited time off during the year. With long working hours plus short breaks daily, it’s hard to sit down and plan the getaways, let alone find time to enjoy a ride.

However, with the development of social media, you can easily choose your ideal place from the global list of dream destinations! Whether you’re traveling domestically or traveling outside of your comfort zone, you could always fund any affordable locations that cater to all your travel needs.

Kaikoura, New Zealand

1/ Kaikoura, New Zealand

You’re off to a good start with a long-distance destination. Do not be put off by the recent earthquake activity in this beautiful country; things seem to be improving in general. If wildlife is your thing, this lovely coastal town is home to a significant whale and seal population.


Do you have any questions about how you’ll get around? Don’t be that way! The country has a well-developed train system that can carry you all over the island to see anything on your bucket list. And if your favorite movie of all time is Lord of the Rings? Then it’s a must to visit this county!