Movies That Could Have Ended Differently if The Main Character Acts Smart

By Chris

Have you ever felt angry that the main character’s choice makes the story more difficult? Most movies have a way of handling quite challenging situations. However, if our characters had dealt with the problem differently, the film could have ended quickly. Moreover, it will make the audience much less engaged in the storyline. Here are a few examples of movies with an inhibitory plot for most moviegoers.

1. Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is a famous animated film from the late 80s. More specifically, this cartoon was made in 1989. This movie is older than us, right? And this is Disney’s most famous movie with many popular characters like the lovable Ariel, the carefree King Triton, and Eric. But if Ariel always listened to her father and obeyed him, perhaps the movie would have been much shorter. What do you think about this?

2. Fifty shades

If you want to watch a romantic movie with cheesy lines and a predictable plot, perhaps Fifty Shades of Gray could make a great choice. A handsome millionaire guy with a dark personality and is in therapy. Suddenly, he decided to meet the naive literature student journalist and started a wild romance. However, that’s how most movies are. In real life, if you spot a hidden BDSM dungeon in your boyfriend’s bedroom, run out the front door immediately.

3. Sleeping Beauty


Disney animated movies have always been known for their simple plots. Why? Because they are for children. This is an age-old classic that is watched generation after generation. If you’re playing the king in the movie, you’ll realize that you should invite Maleficent to christen your daughter on a bare minimum historical basis. If so, perhaps the princess could have a peaceful and happy life with her parents, not suffering outside her house waiting for the prince to come to save her.

4. Twilight

This movie was very popular with early teens when it revolved around the plot with the theme of high school love. A handsome vampire boy who always tries to protect his human girlfriend from danger from his side. However, have you ever thought that the movie might have ended entirely differently if Bella had joined the prank in high school rather than let a weird guy in a coffee shop throw strange looks at her? And we’ll get away with this cheesy movie and its sequels.

5. Finding Nemo

Anyone who has had lots of contact with children knows that children tend to do the opposite of what they are told. And that can become dangerous for them. And the best example of that is the movie, Finding Nemo. All the fish dad needs to make sure his little one doesn’t swim to the point of release in the ocean. There is a reason why most parents never let their children roam. But at least we got Doryto’s help for the day!