Work Smarter, Not Harder: Best Psychology Tips to Improve Your Life

By Chris

Life may be difficult, but that is why we constantly search for new methods to improve our everyday routine. Among them, psychology has proved to provide many benefits. They can help to manage stress, anxiety, and even some of our major concerns. Today, let’s find out the ten psychology hacks that will come in handy! 

1. Stop the haters

If you got stuck in an uncomfortable situation with someone who is being mean, you can try this hack: interrupt them and say, “Do you have food stuck in your teeth?” Doing this will make the person self-conscious. Moreover, they could leave the room to check, and hopefully will be aware of their behavior and hopefully lead to them changing it.

Stop the haters

2. First impression

Most of us feel anxious when we meet new people, but there is a simple way to ease the anxiety. When you talk, you can make eye contact with them. Besides, make sure to pay attention to their eye color. Firm eye contact during conversation will help create a good impression and reduce anxiety.

First impression

3. A good conversational starter

If you’re scared of making the first move, don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to start a conversation. For example, try talking to someone by randomly selecting an object around you and asking questions about it.

A good conversational starter

4. In case of stage fright

Stage fear is usually the leading cause of many downfalls. It can keep you from achieving your goals, particularly if you have an important presentation or activities. In this case, you can try various techniques to help reduce your anxiety, such as counting from 10 to 1 or the number of any external objects you can see.

In case of stage fright

5. Mingling at a party

Here’s a ti[ for you if you’re afraid of going to a social event! Firstly, don’t think of it as joining a group of strangers. Take it as an opportunity to meet interesting people. Look for someone who might look lost, and talk to them. If they’re comfortable with you, they may want to talk more, and you’ll have much more fun.


Mingling at a party

6. Less awkward conversation starters

Engaging in a conversation with someone without feeling uncomfortable can be challenging. One way to overcome this is to focus on the other person’s interests and hobbies. For example, if you notice that the other person is particularly interested in cats, start by questioning their favorite breed or whether they have any pets. This approach will help you connect with the other person better.

Less awkward conversation starters

7. Smile

Smiling is a great way to show that you are friendly and approachable. It signals that you are happy to be there and enjoy the company of everyone. Doing this can help you get out of awkward and make conversation easier. Even though there are times when your thoughts are racing, smiling and talking can help to calm you down.


8. Add bright colors 

Studies have shown that brightly colored clothing can make you feel happier. So, if you’re feeling down, try switching to brighter colors instead of darker clothes. Yellow is a good choice because it symbolizes happiness.

Add bright colors

9. Get a new haircut or try a unique style

If you’re looking for ways to feel more confident, try a new hairstyle, or give your daily clothes a makeover. This will make you feel focused on your appearance and less concerned about how you speak or act. In addition, you’ll feel more in love with yourself, making you feel happier.

Get a new haircut or try a unique style

10. Warm-up your hands before a handshake

When meeting a new person, your handshake is one of the first things they will notice about you. Make sure you warm your hands before you shake hands, as this will give you a more confident and firm handshake. It also projects the image of being warm and humble. Just be careful not to look too evil when you do it!

Warm-up your hands before a handshake