Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus, honored with his bank holiday, often leading to school breaks, has garnered more praise than he might deserve. Contrary to the notion of his discovery, America was already inhabited, with prior visits from Vikings centuries earlier. Furthermore, his legacy is marred by a string of grave offenses – including rape, murder, pillaging, and enslavement – underscoring why his celebration is unwarranted.

User Zigxy wrote:

“For what it’s worth, I think Christopher Columbus gets my vote for overrated… kids think he’s some explorer genius who was the only one who thought the world was round…. In actuality, it was widely accepted the Earth was round, and he miscalculated the circumference, used the wrong estimate, and should have died before reaching the Indies. But lucked out there was a continent (which he wasn’t aware of) right where he’d normally have begun running out of supplies and starved.”


Given these facts, it’s crucial to reevaluate Columbus’ historical place and reconsider the extent of his recognition.