Stop Giving These Items Away During your Spring Cleaning!

By Chris

Once you decide to move or just simply clean out your house, the first thing you usually do is to donate everything to a thrift store or charity. On one side, this could work as you are giving your belongings a new life. Furthermore, many people will benefit from them. However, you need to remember that not everything is appropriate for donating. In some cases, thrift stores don’t accept furniture, oversize items, or large home appliances. Now, to help you pick out what items shouldn’t be given away, we gather a list for you. Check them out below!

Anything Outdated
Credit: 11 Points

1. Outdated Items

Most shoppers at thrift stores usually won’t hunt for big TVs or cassette players, as they most likely already have flat-screen TVs and DVD players at home. It’s uncommon for many stores to accept VHS and VCR, as they are outdated technology. Furthermore, used books and electronics are also something you shouldn’t add to the list of donating goods. Think about it, would you go to a thrift store to look for a book from the 80s? Or try to find an original CD player? For these items, it’s best that you could bring them to an electronic recycler. They will know how to dispose of them correctly. Besides, you can also list them on a marketplace app and find someone who is interested in getting them. Finally, old books should go to your local library.