Super Cute Dogs That Could Pass As Teddy Bears

By Chris

All animals on the planet are adorable when they are just tiny babies. You name it: tiger cubs, zebra foals, bear cubs, eagle chicks! They are all adorable. Dogs, our four-legged closest pals, are also high on the list. It turns out that certain canines could pass as bear cubs when they are pups. Whoever came up with the concept of producing a friendlier version of bears for people to play with and embrace, that “person” was a genius. Prepare to be overwhelmed by the quantity of sweetness on display.

A polar bear cub

When we saw this photo, we had to look at it again to be sure it wasn’t a polar bear cub and not a Samoyed puppy. The likeness between the two species is unmistakable.

And so is the amount of sweetness this dog exhibits in front of the camera. We’re not sure how someone can be this photogenic while playing, but this dog is, and he’s made us fall absolutely in love with him.

Grizzly or…?

If you can’t determine if the little guy in the photo below is a Grizzly bear cub or a puppy, we’re here to assist. Our little pal is a cross between a German Shepherd, an Akita Inu, and a Corgi.

Mixed breeds are known to create gorgeous pups, but we never imagined combining the three species above would result in a Grizzly bear look-alike pup. We adore the end outcome, and we couldn’t be happier!

Panda cub

Prepare to fall in love with a dog who looks just like a Panda. We were aware of the similarities between Chow-Chows and bears, but we had no idea they could be similar to pandas.

But now we know, and this photo makes us even more fond of Chow-Chows. They are not simply fluffy balls of fur with blue, long tongues but also loyal, lively dogs which are ideal for families with children.

The bear’s name is Wally!

Say hello to Wally! According to his owner, Wally, who is not a bear, enjoys swimming in the lake, eating berries, and his favorite food is fish cans. Wally is a pom-pom (Pomeranian), but you wouldn’t admit it, would you?

Consider getting a regular puppy and instead getting a puppy that not only looks like a bear but also does and loves precisely what bears do. This is nothing but excellent luck, in our opinion!

The word fluffy is an understatement.

If you’ve seen some fluffy doggos by now, we guarantee you’ve never seen a dog more fluffy and puffy than the puppy in the image below. Yes, you read that correctly! The doggo is a 5-6 month-old puppy.

You wouldn’t say that, would you? He appears to be a fully grown dog, yet he is not. It turns out that an adult Caucasian shepherd may grow to be 70 cm tall and weigh approximately 100kg, which explains why the puppies are so big.


Beyond adorable

We typically reserve the best for last, but we couldn’t help but share this image with you now so you can also fall in love with this little man. This is the Chow-Chow puppy’s first experience with snow.

This is incredibly precious, and if the shot is this charming, we can only imagine how much more excellent a video of him playing in the snow would have been. We’re confident that his reaction would have warmed everyone’s heart.


We’re questioning how a puppy that isn’t even in the same room as us can win our hearts as this Pomeranian did. He resembles a teddy bear, and his puppy eyes make the photo even cuter.

Not to mention that grin. He’s such a photogenic little guy. Everything in the photograph is perfect: the background, the light edit, and the subject: his coat, adorable face, and winning smile.

How would you react?

How would you respond: Someone is knocking on your door? You open the door to see someone holding three teddy bear-like pups in their arms. What do you do, other than throw out a massive “AWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

We would most likely pass out a few times. Who could ever withstand such an overload of sweetness in one sitting… much too much! Nobody! This was too much for even Tin Woodman (The Wizard of Oz), who had no heart.

Shar-pei adoration

Who knew Shar-Peis could also look like bears? It turns out that when those long-haired Shar-Peis are pups, they look just like teddy bears. We’ve never seen a Shar-pei with long hair before, but we adore it.

The Shar-pei is a friendly and dedicated dog that makes an excellent family companion, especially for families with older children. This young bear impersonator will grow up to be a wonderful dog for his human parents and siblings.

Chow-Chows in plenty

Here are two fluff balls that will most likely fulfill your sweet desires for the rest of today, tomorrow, and the whole week.

We’ve seen a lot of lovely dogs today, but these two are the cutest and fluffiest of them all. They are so smooth that they should be in a pillow or soft mattress commercial. They would be the most effective selling tools ever.