Adult Cartoon Jokes That You Might Have Missed

While many cartoons are for a younger audience, it doesn’t stop some producers from including adult jokes in some episodes. When you watched these animated films as kids, you might have missed out on some of them. Watch till the end to see if there are any movies you’ve seen and missed! 

1. Freakazoid! – LGBTQA+ 

LGBTQA+ has been a hot topic for the global audience in recent years. It means supporting all relationships, and all people, regardless of gender, gender, race, nationality, etc. However, this issue used to be hidden in many children’s shows. This grumpy policeman answered that his love for meat prevents him from having a wife and children. We wonder, what kind of meat is he talking about? Can you take a guest? 

2. Justice League Unlimited

All DC Comics characters, such as Batman, Superman, Flash, and Wonder Woman, were all part of our childhoods. And what we want to share with everyone is about the Flash character meme. He is the fastest runner, but maybe not so much when getting a date, if you know what we mean. This joke ran through our heads when we were kids.

3.The Powerpuff Girls – Oopsie!

Powerpuff Girls is one of the most popular childhood cartoons for many people. The animated series showcases pretty little girls fighting evil forces, bringing to the audience the much-needed heroine everyone loves. However, we found a scene that we want to show you! Powerpuff Girls is a science experiment the Professor accidentally created in his lab. However, neither the Professor nor the girls expected that their playdate was also an accident.

4. Silly Symphony: Three Little Pigs – Three Little Cannibals

Indeed all of us are familiar with the Three Little Pigs story. Nonetheless, have you ever paid close attention to the details in this movie? Now, we’ll reveal details you probably wouldn’t have noticed. In the house of the three pig brothers, there is a rather odd picture on the wall. In the first picture, there is ham, and some sausages are in the second with the Dad banner. Does this imply what we think they did? 

5. The Fairly Odd Parents

Each of us goes through periods of mood swings, insecurity, and searching for our voice and identity during our teens. It was a challenging process growing up. Some people are likely to fall into depression, while others find their way out, but is it that easy? Doctor Bill educates concerned parents about their child’s odd behavior in the movie. Timmy is either just an emotional boy crying in his room or doing other things. Do you feel anything unusual in this scene?