How to Jazz Up Your Bathroom For Under $100?!

Asides from the combo of the living room, bedroom, or kitchen, another part of the important space in your home must be the bathroom. It is a room we are using constantly every day. However, some people might make the mistake of neglecting to decorate this area. For such a place that you spend a large part of your daily routine, it deserves to have better decor. If you don’t want to spend too much for a complete makeover, we do have some tips that could jazz up the place for a more affordable price. Here are the best ideas on how you can make a bathroom look amazing for under $100!

Add plants
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40. Add plants to the bathroom

Adding trees to any room is a great way to make the place seems more lively. As most bathrooms tend to have a high moisturizer level, it makes sense to keep some plants around the area. They are very cheap if you go to your local store. Even small pots and shrubs like figs would cost you just $ 20 per one. Having a beautiful potted plant in the corner of your bathroom can make a simple space instantly look more luxurious.

Add plants

You can also put some hanging potted plants or a small potted plant on your window if you have one. However, some houses have very dark bathrooms and are not suitable for plants. If this is the problem in your bathroom, it is best to buy fake plants. You may not believe it, but the artificial tree is more expensive than the real one. Find something attractive, high-quality, and suitable for your bathroom style.