People Talk About When They Discover Their Partner Was Cheating on Them!

Cheating always results in sadness and damage for both sides, especially for the one that was cheated on. It takes years of healing to be able to trust and open your heart to someone fresh. From these cheating stories, we can see that the main reason was when people can’t control their emotions. In our article today, we have compiled all the cheating stories people have recently shared on Reddit. Read on!

Blinded, ghosted, and robbed
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30. Blinded, ghosted, and robbed

Let’s start with the first cheating story that was a wild ride from the beginning till the end. “We loved each other. As cliche as it sounds, we completed each other. She goes to ComiCon in NYC for work, and I helped her pack. I dropped her off at the airport. Everything was fine. No signs of anything. She should be back in 4 days, but she never came back home. Totally ghosted. I freak out that she may be dead, just to find myself blocked on everything: email, phone, social media.

Everything I know is because of the bills she left behind that were not paid. On the call history, I discovered one specific NYC area code repeatedly. She had met him a few months ago at San Diego Comic-Con and had meticulously planned to abandon me while bringing as much as she could to NYC. To furnish their new home, she maxed out her credit cards.” Crazy!