Common Objects That Could be Poisonous to Your Dogs!

The majority of dog owners would go to great lengths to protect their four-legged pals. However, we can’t always bubble wrap them. There is always a chance that they could consume some poisonous stuff when we are not looking. This is a list that every dog owner should read and keep in mind to safeguard their pets from unseen risks. Take a look at these common household products and meals that could be toxic to dogs. In the long run, it could save a life.


50. Algae

The blue-green algae are extremely bad for your dog. Melissa shared a story when she lost three of her dogs due after playing in a nearby local pond. She later found out that they suffered from blue-green algae poisoning. Should there be any warning signs, she could have saved her beloved pets from this potential danger.

Photo Credit: Maine Gov

Since then, Melissa has actively advocated applying various preventative measurements for all water bodies. She hopes others will soon learn how dangerous this silent killer is. Next time you are out with your dogs, make sure to keep an eyes on them.