How to Bring the Cottagecore Aesthetic into your Home?!

With the rise of the Cottagecore trend all over social media these days, we can easily get caught up in wanting to follow this type of decoration. In reality, this style has been around for quite a while. However, the younger generation has put in a new point of focus for the Cottagecore aesthetic: the nostalgia feeling.

To sum up, they want their home to connect to nature more, and lessen the vibe of high-tech decor. You would want to feel like you are living in a desert cottage in the woods. Sound amazing, isn’t it? Now, if you are still confused about how to apply the Cottagecore aesthetic to your home, we might be able to help with our list today! Read on!

Fresh Flowers on Your Table
Credit: Shutterstock

30/ Get Fresh Flowers

A bouquet is one of the best ways to freshen up your house. They smell amazing, they look gorgeous, and they make people happy whenever you see them. In many cottagecore pages, you will often see the images of people picking a flower or showing off a beautiful garden full of them. Now, if you think they would cost big damage to your wallet, you might have to rethink again. If you live in the countryside, wildflowers can be found anywhere and free for picking. Furthermore, they also don’t cost that much if you purchase at the farmer’s market. Most flowers can last up to a week or two, and they make a huge difference in brightening up the house.