Creative Vandalism That Will Give You A Good Laugh

Sometimes some people have funny thoughts and want to improve those standard billboards we often see on the street. While some might consider it indecent, others find it quite creative. Going against the rules is not advisable, but it is entirely understandable for people who want to add a little art or humor to their surroundings. Here are a few examples of public vandalism that will make you laugh. We’ve got some pretty funny photos, so scroll down and have a look together, and share your thoughts in the comments below!

1. A man’s face on a poster. 

You’ve probably seen pictures of people on posters with graffiti on their faces. Some might get angry, but not this man right here. He was amused to see his image with incredible extra details and shared it on Twitter. 

The man must have realized that his coolness only increased exponentially after someone drew a mustache on the photo. He can laugh about the creative vandalism instead of getting angry.

2. Johnny Depp for Sausage

If you are a fan of the handsome pirate Jonny Deep, when you look at this poster, you will probably be surprised and laugh because of its words. Someone changed a letter on the billboard. They turned the Dior brand into selling hot dogs and asked Captain Jack Sparrow to endorse their product. We only know one thing that could improve the poster: they should also cover the perfume bottle with hot dogs.

3. Funny fire alarm system. 

This type of graffiti is so cute that anyone would want it on their wall. It’s funny and artistic, and it adds life to the wall. The person who sent this photo saw this photo in their local hospital and thought it was worth sharing. This is such a lovely image and full of positive energy. Anyone looking at it will laugh and feel better. This photo can even be framed and hung on the wall.


4. Lovely water tank

We will all be excited when we see this image, which helps us get through endless days in the office or doing things. That’s why this woman was so happy to see their local water tank decorated cutely by someone. She loves to be greeted when she considers the pig roasting in the water tank with a few doodles. I hope this never ends.


5. Mr. Bean is here

Many people in the 90s were too familiar with Mr. Bean – the iconic and funny character. Stylistically, his shows and films are pretty similar to early silent films. He relies entirely on physical comedy. Young boys in a school have recognized and used him if only to annoy the teachers in their school. They print pictures of funny men and slap them in random places. Looks like pretty interesting vandalism.