The Internet Dumbest Rescue Stories Told by Firefighters!

The ability to dial 911 and receive a lightning-fast response from the local firefighters and first responders is taken for granted by most people. In many cases, firefighters have to dispatch for random jobs that have nothing to do with putting out fires, on top of their usual task. Everyone has heard of firefighters rescuing a cat from a tree, or helping an elder lady from moving their car. However, there are a few strange requests that they’ve been called in for! Here at Home Addict, we’ve compiled a list of the dumbest rescue stories told by firefighters on their dispatch. Catch more below!

The Drunken Mountain Rescue
This firefighter struggled to rescue someone from the bottom of a cliff. Credit: Shutterstock

 36. The Drunken Mountain Rescue 

This story happened in a little college town with around 1500 pupils and 500 locals, for starters. Every year, students would often fall over the sides of the campus’s rather gentle-sloping “mountains.” While these falls were not fatal or even likely to cause significant injury, they could bring more harm if we’re careless. There has been a report about a call from one of the fraternities that someone had strayed away from the gathering and couldn’t be found. This was just before cell phones became popular.

We went into the woods in search of him and heard groaning. There’s not much of a drop, around 15 feet, but the sides are steep with no way out. As a result, we have to use the high-angle rescue truck, along with all of our ropes and the backboard. ‘Hey man, it’s me, your buddy, you know who I am, let me help you,’ I’m trying to explain. When we eventually got him on the board, he started lurching away from us, swinging his arms and sliding off. It took the entire night for half of the small, understaffed fire department to get him out. He had enough time to sober up to cooperate.