40 Freeholder Traps You Need to Avoid!

Are you young and have long-term investment plans for the future? You want to have a place called your own true home and plan to invest in them? However, you should be careful before getting a mortgage and signing any contract. Real estate agents are trying to increase revenue for commissions in many ways. Therefore, they will not simply show you all the work needed to repair a house before purchase. Here, we’ve prepared 40 freeholder traps before you commit to buying a home.

Stay away from industrial zones
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40. Stay away from industrial zones

If possible, do not purchase a home in an industrial zone. This can be especially dangerous if nearby factories are spraying harmful chemicals into the air. Industrial fields have historically seen higher rates of cancer and lung disease across history. Companies will often try to battle it in court, claiming insufficient evidence to establish a connection. But residents will tell you otherwise.

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In addition to the polluted air and water, there is often more noise and the potential for large spotlights shining at night, making it difficult for you to fall asleep. They are also often located near train tracks, which will come several times a day. To make matters worse, these are usually lower-income areas with higher crime rates. Even if you find a home in an industrial park is a great deal; it could be for a good reason.