Genius Granny’s Life Hacks That Will Save Your Days

Grandparents are simply the best, aren’t they? They coddle us, ensure we’re well-fed, listen to all the absurd stories, slip us money even if our parents tell them not to, and make us feel loved. Another thing that makes them so cool and lovable is their wit and wisdom in daily life. From simple logic and experience, they came up with genius ways to make life easier, and up until today, only a few things could beat those hacks. We have gathered some of those fantastic hacks for your daily problem right here. Let’s dive into them now!

Deodorize Your Own Shoes

Everyone knows that the stink from a stinky shoe can be pretty hard to eliminate. Basic washing won’t stop the smell; some DIY hacks just don’t cut it. Of course, you can also use talcum powder, but who wants to spend extra money just for that? Granny’s hack is to use salt instead. Pack salt into a little fabric bag, stick it in your shoes, and it will absorb the moisture and smell. You can also use fresh dryer sheets to mask the smell. Just make sure to take both out before you put your shoes on. 

Doing The Dishes Has Never Been So Easy

Imagine this. You and your family enjoy a fantastic home-cooked dinner, and then, as you approach the sink to put away your plate, you see the mountain of greasy pots and pans while you hear someone saying it’s your turn to do the dishes that night. If you’ve got no will to conquer all that, an easy hack you can try is to sprinkle baking soda over the greasy pan and add white vinegar. It will start fizzing and bubbling, and after a little bit of soaking, the chemical reaction will have gotten rid of the heaviest part of the work for you. Now, you can use soap and wash, easy peasy. 

Polishing Silver At Home

When was the last time you took your silver accessories or home decorations to polish? These days, many of us will only often notice that they might need a little cleaning once they lose all their shimmer. Our grandparents, however, weren’t so careless; they even found a hack that would save you a trip to the jewelry cleaners. If you want your silver jewelry, vases, home accessories, and what not to sparkle again, just wet your silver a little, take some toothpaste, and scrub it on with a toothbrush. The suds will slowly turn black, but once you wash them off, your silver will be as good as new.


Solution For Smelly Disposal

The garbage disposal is the silent fresh air killer in the house. No matter how much you clean and scrub the toilet or spray air freshener around your home if you fail to clean out the disposal, you’ll be looking for the source of the foul odor for days. The trick is to freeze any citrus peel, like lemon or orange peels, and toss them at your disposal once you start getting a whiff of a stink. The stiff consistency will knock off any clinging debris, and the scent will keep your disposal smelling fresh. 

Self-Cleaning Blender

We love our morning or post-workout smoothie drinks so much! Unfortunately, we don’t love them enough to keep going through the annoying task of scrubbing out the blender every morning. Fortunately, though, granny has a hack for it. Instead of scrubbing the thing yourself, just let it clean itself. Just pour in some hot water and some dishwashing liquid, then let it run for about 10 seconds, and the magic will happen. You won’t have anything left to scrub when pouring the blended water. Pretty neat, right?

Effortless Microwave Cleaner

Cleaning the microwave may need a lot of elbow grease to get it sparkling inside and out unless you do it the smart way. For this, all you need is a microwavable bowl, a peel of one lemon, half lemon juice, and half a cup of water. Mix all ingredients in the bowl and then microwave that on high for three minutes. Once you hear that ding, though, don’t take it out immediately and just let it chill there for another five minutes. The steam will help loosen up all the grease and gunk in your microwave, and all you’d need to do is wipe it all off friendly and quickly. 

Eliminate Onion and Garlic Smell From Your Hand

When we’re chopping onions, it doesn’t just leave us with tears. It also leaves us with this stink on our fingers that doesn’t go away. The same goes for garlic. Sadly, as much as we love letting people know we know how to cook, we don’t want stinky fingers all day. Luckily, granny has an old-school trick for that. First off, soak your hands in cold water. After a few minutes, use a generous amount of salt then rub them on your hands. Not only will this eliminate the smell, but it will also make your hands softer because of the exfoliation. 

Remove Carpet Stains With Salt

When that red wine spills on your gorgeous light-colored carpet, it can ruin a supposedly perfect evening of relaxation. Don’t panic immediately, though, because the solution is just in your kitchen pantry. According to this old-school hack, you only need salt and some blotting towels. First, remove as much moisture as possible from your carpet, then completely cover the stained area with salt. Let it sit for a few hours, and vacuum everything up nice and tidy when it’s scorched.