Bad Habits That Could Result in Higher Divorce Rate!

Habits at Home that Lead to a Higher Divorce Rate
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While spending most of our time at home, the chance that we could face trouble with our spouse is higher than you think. If one of you has a habit that the other doesn’t like, many of us will choose to ignore it at the beginning of your relationship. However, these problems will eventually multiply to bring more harm and even lead to a higher divorce rate. According to a Harvard Business School study, disagreements over home tasks are the main result for over 25% of divorce cases, regarding gender.

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30. Assign Chores to Others

Most people (including me) believe that a modern couple would be happier if they split domestic tasks 50/50. However, according to a Norwegian study, dividing home responsibilities was one reason for significant disagreements in marriages, thus increasing the divorce rate. On the other hand, the woman played a more typical role of handling all the housekeeping while her husband worked 40 hours a week proved to last longer. However, research from the United Kingdom refutes this. Regarding statistics, three out of every ten divorces are caused by a partner unwilling to do their fair share around the house. So, perhaps this is a cultural issue.

Nobody likes to be in a relationship where they feel like they are the only one putting in the effort, regardless of where they live. So have an open and honest discussion about home tasks with your partner, ideally before you are married. I wouldn’t say I like doing laundry, dishes, dusting, or vacuuming, for example. Because I work from home, I use these duties as an excuse to stand up, stretch, and take a break from my computer for 15 to 20 minutes at a time. However, I wouldn’t say I like cleaning bathrooms and sweeping floors. So we’d be OK if I was with a man who was willing to handle those two duties (or hire a maid). But if I do not communicate and set those boundaries, I’ll end up with marital problems or divorce.