Wealthy Class Workers Discuss Bizarre Habits of Their Employers

Author F. Scott Fitzgerald once wrote, “Let me tell you about the very rich. They’re not like you and me at all.” We tend to admire the wealthy and notice how they differ from us: the fancy cars they drive, the designer clothes they wear, and the luxurious yachts they charter for trips to the French Riviera. However, you might not notice how wealth alters people’s personalities unless you have close ties to the affluent or work for a wealthy family. The good news is that we have you covered. We have compiled a collection of bizarre things that rich friends and employers have done, both humorous and disturbing, as told by Reddit users.

Money Saving

Many of us suffer from a fundamental misunderstanding of what the wealthy are like. Many of us automatically attribute their wealth to their affluent parents and picture them living ostentatious lifestyles as a result. Certainly, that is true of some wealthy people. However, that’s not true of everyone.

Examine this tale as an illustration. This is a woman who appears to have earned at least some of her wealth the hard way by strictly controlling her spending to remain within her means. Although this woman had some strange habits (like wearing designer jewelry to the gym), it’s encouraging to see that we, too, can become wealthy through thrift.

Being frugal as opposed to being cheap

The benefits of frugality have already been lauded elsewhere in this article. A quick way to have more money is to not waste the money you already have on dumb junk, so I encourage everyone to adopt my frugal lifestyle. Frugality is a commendable trait, but it should still have boundaries.

That’s because some people confuse thrift with being cheap, and there’s a significant difference between the two. Also, never treat a guest in your home like a cheap jerk. Even if they work for you, it’s still petty and rude to buy them the cheapest coffee you can find. Get the woman a good cup of coffee. It won’t put you in debt forever.

Voluntary Fasting vs. Involuntary Fasting

Being a live-in nanny has always seemed strange to me. Can you imagine spending all of your time at work? Your employer has control over your personal life.

What do you do, for instance, if you usually eat with the family, but sometimes nobody in the family feels like eating? I mean, in this situation, you should probably speak up and advocate for yourself, or at the very least, make yourself a sandwich, but doing so can be difficult and scary when dealing with an employer, especially if you’re afraid of losing your job.

Inundated with Money

The next tale is mind-boggling in its own way. Most of the time, we assume that the events depicted on screen are fabricated for dramatic effect. The wealthy can afford to buy an outfit, wear it once, and then toss it. The wealthy shell out to reserve an entire eatery to themselves.

Another example is affluent people filling a hot tub with pricey, bottled water. That’s so absurd and wasteful that I think we’d all be forgiven for thinking it couldn’t possibly be true. But this guy claims to have witnessed it happening more than once! Something about this is beyond my comprehension. Is it true that Evian water is more beneficial to the skin? Is it true that inhaling Evian steam is more soothing than regular steam? What the heck is going on, right?

Really Bad Hygiene

For the wealthy, having their home cleaned on a regular basis is a luxury that comes with the territory. As a result, having a dirty home is an unacceptable excuse for the wealthy. Well, that’s an odd tale. Until you discover that the parents had a history of poor personal hygiene, in that light, the whole thing becomes clear.

Even so, if I’ve learned anything from movies and magazines, it’s that the wealthy are always hosting dinner parties and cocktail gatherings. If your silverware is dirty, you can’t have guests over. Or, at the very least, you can have each person over once before they decide they would rather die than set foot in your house ever again.


If you have white poodles and you want them to keep their white coats, what should you do? What if you used the same solution you do for your laundry—plain old bleach? Please don’t get a poodle if you really thought that was the answer. , for that matter, a dog of any breed.

We need to point out that the woman in question was described as “elderly,” so it’s possible that she was suffering from dementia rather than actually believing that bleaching her dogs was a good idea. It’s worth noting that you can buy specialized shampoos for white pets if you’re interested.

Feeling the Cool Airflow

In the following case, I find myself empathizing with both parties. Casual nudity, on the other hand, is extremely widespread in Germany, unlike in many other countries. The health benefits of going nude, especially when exposed to natural light, are widely touted by proponents of the Freikörperkultur (free body culture) ideology.

But that’s the sort of thing you should caution your hired help about, especially if they’re not from the same country where that’s the norm. If you intend to go nude not only on beaches but also at the dinner table, you should probably let her know in advance.

Indulge My Dog with Only the Finest!

I get the lady’s point of view. If you treat your dog like a child, as some people do, then it’s understandable that you’d want to provide it with the finest amenities, including expensive bottled water. Even though I disagree with the decision and think it’s wasteful, I can understand the motivation behind it.

But, like, has this lady any idea what mischief a canine can get into? When she turns her back, I’d be willing to bet a few quarters that the dog is drinking from the toilet, eating its own feces, and lapping at mud puddles. As a result, you should give up on trying to feed your dog only the best quality food.

Give Me the Socks

When I was a poor college student, I refused to buy more socks when I was running dangerously low. Therefore, when the holiday season arrived, and people inquired as to what I wanted, I requested nothing more than a new pair of socks. And they came through like gangbusters. That’s the most socks I’ve ever had at once, too. Some of the pairs I believe I still have some.

All of this is to say that, despite appearances, I don’t find this one all that strange. It’s possible the guy had an unusual preoccupation with socks, but it’s also quite feasible that he simply acquired a large number of socks through some means and decided to keep them until they wore out.

I Can See His Point.

Regarding the following tale, I find myself with mixed feelings. On the one hand, it’s admirable that this wealthy man didn’t fill rooms he never planned to live in with unnecessary furniture. He did not cave to peer pressure and waste a lot of money decorating his home in a particular style.

Contrarily, the author makes a good point in arguing that there is no point in purchasing a home of excessive size if you have no intention of living there. Buying a smaller home would have saved you money that you could have put toward a nice vacation or several hundred steak dinners. Take a deep breath, and use your brain.

Bargain with the Chips

The value of thrift has already been established elsewhere in this article. Knowing when to be lavish and when to be frugal is an important part of being frugal. Spend lavishly on something you care deeply about and will use frequently, but be more frugal with less important purchases.

Some things, however, should not be dismissed as trivial. Being a welcoming and accommodating host, especially to the friends of your children, fits the bill. If you have a guest over and they’ve been nice to your kid, you might as well let them pig out on potato chips. This is not a difficult task. If it costs you an extra $2, so what?

Behavior That Is Completely Worthless

Some people’s sense of entitlement is, well, astounding. That and their laziness. I really dislike cleaning, so it’s not surprising that I sometimes fantasize about hiring a maid service.

But even if that were the case, I wouldn’t dream of asking them to drive an hour just to dispose of my trash. Taking out the trash shouldn’t take more than a minute or so, and that’s true for any size of home. Why would you expect someone to spend two hours doing something you could do in one?

Keep Out of the Basement

Try reading the next piece and convincing me that it doesn’t set the stage for a horror flick. In the gentle Southern hills stands a grand and stately old mansion. While on her maid’s job in this new town, our protagonist can’t help but be impressed by its picturesque landscape and assumes the locals have it pretty well.

But soon, she realizes that something isn’t quite right. Despite the lavish exterior, the home’s interior is surprisingly run-down, especially the kitchen and bathroom. She must be strictly forbidden from venturing into the cellar at any time. Then one day, she can’t help but peek, and what she sees there is shocking! Maybe the twist that “the basement is full of old clothes” isn’t the most effective for a horror film. But even so.

Overall, It’s Just Weird.

Listen up, author of this piece: you’re right. It is strange that all of your boss’s underwear was so tattered. If she has a high-powered position that requires her to dress the part, then surely a woman with her wealth could afford some nice undergarments.

Yet, it is very strange that you rummaged through her underwear drawer. Even if you had reason to suspect that her underwear was in poor condition, putting it away without her asking is weird and totally inappropriate behavior on your part as an employee. Before you start judging others, you should focus on improving yourself.

In this case, only the best will do.

I never really got into Legos as a kid, so I was surprised as an adult to see how much some of the sets cost. We’re talking tens to hundreds of dollars for some of them. To put it simply, if you love them, it’s all for the best. Spending a ton of cash on ritzy Lego sets for a kid who isn’t old enough to play with them seems like a terrible waste of money.

I’m curious if these parents are aware that there’s a version of Legos designed specifically for younger children called Duplos. Just saying it seems like it might be nice to get your kid a toy that he or she might enjoy. If I had to choose a toy based on one criterion, that would be it.

Toss and Turn

As you can see, I’m just as susceptible to the allure of a bargain as the next guy. When there’s a great sale, I’ve been known to buy five pounds of almonds even though I only need a few. I bought two pairs of the same black leggings when they went on sale because I knew I would wear through one pair quickly and then switch to the backup pair.

However, I only used examples of manageable, low-impact actions. I mean, five pounds of almonds is way too much, but I think I have enough room in my pantry to store them all. No matter how small your home is, it is impossible to accommodate four bathtubs, and you aren’t even getting rid of the ones you already have. Not sane, even if the price of the bathtub was a steal.

Tidiness Is Appropriate Before God

Also, I can’t decide how I feel about this. Obviously, it’s insane to hire a maid service and have them come three times a week if you only use the house a handful of times a year. It would probably be fine if the housekeeper only cleaned it once a week or once a month.

In contrast, I’m sure the housekeeper is thrilled to have landed the dream job she’s always wanted. Just picture yourself at your weekly cleaning on a Wednesday. So you take a look around and tell yourself, “Well, it’s still sparkling clean because no one has been in here since the last time I cleaned it on Monday.” After that, you sweep the floor and exit. I’m willing to bet that woman is having a great time at the bank. But I’m not sure how that squares with the principle of never wasting food.

The Rich Yet Affordable

I find it endlessly fascinating to hear about people who spend lavishly in some areas of life while being extremely frugal in others. Perhaps the father in this story is trying to instill in his children an appreciation for hard work and financial responsibility by having them pay for a portion of their meals.

However, the mother’s obsession with collecting shampoo and conditioner samples from hotels is a bit more puzzling and becomes completely bizarre when you consider that she never uses any of them. Doesn’t she realize she can go out and buy her own shampoo now that she has her own money?

Evidently a Enthusiastic Blu-Ray Admirer

I’m a huge Blu-ray fan. It seems I’m not one of those people who believes it’s okay to eat the rich. They worked hard for their money, and I believe it is their right to do whatever they please with it. Obviously, it would be awesome if more people were willing to make charitable contributions, but ultimately, it is their money, and I have no right to criticize how they choose to spend it.

However, there is one exception to this rule, and that is the present circumstance. How can you be so casual about spending such a large sum of money without even making sure the jet you’re considering buying has a Blu-ray player, which seems to be a deal breaker for this guy? And it’s beyond me why you’d rather have lawyers handle it. How much do you think you’ll spend per hour with them?

To the Flames

This is such an emotional roller coaster of a story with an unexpected and heartbreaking conclusion. We’re talking about going from having nothing to having everything, complete with flashy cars, fickle friends, and a devastating house fire.

But do you want to know the most important thing I have taken away from this story? If you win the lottery, your first order of business should be to purchase homeowners insurance. Second, for the same reason, you shouldn’t store large amounts of cash in large bags inside your house. If your home burns down, you might lose everything inside, including the charred remains of your Lamborghini.

Nobody Has a Clue Here

The characters in the next piece aren’t bad guys so much as they are incredibly oblivious. That goes for the story’s author as well. Who accepts a minimum wage position that requires a two-hour daily commute? Sweetie, I swear there are low-paying jobs in the neighborhood.

Then, there’s the couple that’s the focus of the narrative. To be honest, I’m not as taken aback as the author seems to be by the fact that they failed to appreciate the great distance from which she actually hailed. For what reason would they come to that conclusion? The expectation was probably that she would choose a job that would have a manageable commute. The smell of the husband is what shocked me the most about this story. It always surprises me to find married people who stink. Why don’t their significant others chime in?


If you plan on making significant purchases while away from home, you may want to contact your bank or credit card company in advance to let them know you will be traveling and will be using the card. If they notice a large purchase coming from a location you don’t typically shop from, they may flag it as credit card fraud and cancel the transaction.

Even though I’m not particularly well off, don’t get out much, and don’t have many opportunities to make truly substantial purchases, I do know this to be true. If I know that, then why don’t these wealthy people? How often do they take such big trips or make such large purchases? What the heck is going on?

How to Get Used to a Hotel

Close your eyes and think of an absurd purchase you would make if you were flush with cash. What do you think about owning an exotic monkey? Planning on purchasing a Segway so that you can swiftly traverse the city? Why not have a harpist play for you every night while you eat?

If you had an infinite amount of money, you might consider paying for an extra night at the hotel even if you don’t plan on using it. Does this dude not know that each guest’s room is cleaned after they leave? It’s also possible that your hotel room could be dirty even if it hasn’t been occupied for a day if you’re staying in a particularly bad establishment and they don’t clean it at all. Unfortunately, I think he hasn’t given this much consideration.

Congratulations, the wealthy!

In the next piece, we see someone complaining about the strange activities of wealthy people when in my opinion, these people are just being reasonable. I think it says more about the author than it does about the companies mentioned.

To begin with, is it really so unreasonable for them to have a babysitter on hand if they plan on going out drinking with friends and are worried that they won’t be in a fit state to watch the kids? Second, if you can help it, please reuse your plastic grocery bags. The environmental damage caused by single-use plastics is staggering. There should be nothing but praise for this family.

Nothing to Gain Here

Frankly, I’m not sure anyone in the next entry is making a particularly good impression. It’s not ideal if the employer in question was cruel and nasty and if she paraded around in a bikini in front of the staff.

However, the author also comes across as rude at times. So she hung out with guys a lot younger than she was. So what if everyone agreed to it? As an added insult, calling an elderly lady “crusty” and having “reptilian skin” is not a very nice thing to say. Perhaps there’s more than one vile character in this tale, and the homeowner isn’t the worst of them.

True KO

Where Were You While I Was Sleeping? If you haven’t already, I recommend you do so. Please wait for me. So, are you back now? The scene in which Lucy opens Peter’s wallet to reveal pictures of his family only to find photos of Peter is one of my favorite jokes from the film because it hints at what a narcissistic jerk Peter really is.

I think we may have stumbled upon the inspiration for that scene in real life. Suppose you have your own family, people you claim to love and cherish, but all you have in your home are pictures of yourself. Even if you’re a famous boxer, give them at least some of your attention.

Origins from a Variety of Places

Dating someone who doesn’t come from the same socioeconomic class can be challenging. The way our parents handled money can affect how we view and handle money in our own lives. One’s relationship with money can vary greatly depending on one’s upbringing, and those who were pampered as children are likely to view money in a different light than those who came from less privileged backgrounds.

Growing up wealthy and dependent on one’s parents is a blessing that has nothing to do with the value of the experience. However, if you aren’t financially stable as a child, transitioning into adulthood can be difficult, and you may end up relying on others to help you out.


Not too long ago, many women were barred from the workforce, making it the man’s responsibility to provide for his wife or girlfriend. In recent years, however, attitudes have shifted dramatically, and more couples are splitting bills evenly.

An essential step toward a less chauvinistic society is to divide everything in half. However, things can get complicated when one partner earns significantly more money than the other and refuses to cut back on spending. It’s sad and harmful to the relationship to miss out on life because your partner can’t afford certain experiences.

Changes in the Wealthy Dynamo

Thanks to the internet and reality shows (looking at you, Real Housewives and Kardashians), we now know that the wealthy can be as insane and malicious as anyone else. On the other hand, this person learned firsthand how dangerously insane the wealthy can be. You’ve been warned: the ending is bad!

You’d think that with so much money being spent on private jets and gourmet meals, there would be plenty of opportunity for arguments, but alas, peace of mind is priceless. At least she had that insight and didn’t settle for an unfulfilling existence despite its material trappings.

Car Mania

There are many possible explanations for the protagonist’s anger in the following tale. Perhaps his schedule was full of errands. He could have been on his way to pick up his kids from school, take his sick mother to her dialysis appointments, or simply satisfy his craving for Chik-fil-A at the drive-through. It’s not out of the question that this guy really needed wheels for important reasons.

But if, as this author assumes, he just wanted to drive himself home from work—a home from which he could have walked in five minutes—then perhaps he should relax. Perhaps he could relax after a nice walk.

Collapse Into Monkey Craze

Let’s be honest here: who among us has never wished they could keep a monkey as a pet? I mean, please tell me I’m not the only person here who has secretly always wanted a monkey as a pet. They are so adorable! They’re great climbers and have sage expressions on their monkey faces.

Eventually, though, I realized what this couple apparently did not: keeping a monkey as a pet is bad for everyone involved. Also, I don’t think a monkey would do well in a lab if it wasn’t suitable as a pet. What the heck is a test child, anyway? Is this some kind of strange new fad in parenting that I’ve somehow managed to avoid?

Stay Awake

This doesn’t sound so much like an odd occurrence as it does, like someone finding out why a certain couple is so wealthy. If you want to get rich, you’ll have to pull n some serious time and effort. This, of course, necessitates that you find a way to maintain lucidity.

Naturally, this makes me very concerned for this couple, as caffeine is not good for you, and drinking a lot of it is especially bad for you. I’m curious if there’s been any research into whether or not high achievers are more likely to experience health issues associated with caffeine consumption.

Influence of Streisand

Have you heard of the Streisand Effect, in which people’s natural curiosity is piqued when you try to hide something from them? It’s named after Barbra Streisand, who tried to have photos of her home removed from the web but instead made people curious about seeing and sharing them.

Just five minutes ago, this woman’s home had absolutely zero appeal to me. I can’t wait to check it out in person now that I know she has been trying to hide its location from Google Maps. Even if it’s just to see her platinum reindeer, perhaps we should all take a field trip and check it out.

The Brat Pack

There are, in my opinion, only two possible directions for a person’s life to go in if they are born into affluence. Because of the potential damage that their children’s exposure to the family’s wealth and status could cause, some parents take extra steps to ensure that their offspring develop into well-adjusted adults. Of course, I have my eye on Kate Middleton, the most popular member of the British royal family.

There are also those who, despite their best intentions, turn out to be entitled brats like the kids in this tale. It makes me wonder if the parents realize what a disservice they are doing by allowing their children to develop into such vile brats.

Why Are You Still Mad at That Tree?

I don’t automatically look down on city dwellers who buy a house in the suburbs and try to pass themselves off as farmers; I’m sure there are some very nice people who have made this choice.

A part of me is puzzled by people who relocate to the country in the hopes of relieving emotional stress through physical activity, only to spend their time aimlessly hacking away at trees. There’s no way the countryside would benefit from that.

Recreational Area

This next tale is very endearing and good, in my opinion. Sure, if you are having trouble making rent, the idea of dropping a ton of cash on a toy for the kids to play on may seem shocking. On the other hand, I appreciate the thoughtfulness of the parents who bought this for their kids.

Many parents resort to forcing their children to watch television or play video games in order to keep them quiet. Incredible as it may sound, this couple actually encouraged their children to play outside, enjoy nature, and use their creativity. In other words, you’ve done a great job as a Formula One driver. Don’t give up!

Massive Issues With Food Waste

I think we’re all horrified and fascinated by the number of preservatives in our food, so the topic of food that never goes bad is always a hit at social gatherings. People claim that Twinkies don’t spoil and that McDonald’s burgers don’t either, but I’ve also heard that the latter isn’t true and that the former just dries out first and then molds.

A Monster Energy drink, on the other hand, would be able to survive a nuclear winter if I had been asked to guess its shelf life. Nothing in a Monster, as far as I can tell, happens by accident. When I heard that some people actually buy cases of Monster energy drinks just to throw them away, I was shocked.

In other words, don’t forget to leave a tip.

Baristas and waiters typically don’t make much money and depend heavily on tips. That means that no matter how well they perform their duties, their pay will ultimately come from the goodwill of others. Some customers, like the guy in the following story, don’t think it’s appropriate to leave tips for wait staff.

This prominent lawyer frequented a neighborhood bagel shop, where he would routinely leave a quarter for the waitress. Did he seriously consider his quarter to be a generous tip of which he could be proud? Did he seriously believe that by helping this waitress, he would earn her undying gratitude?

Gift-giving Season

The true value of Christmas presents, and of any gift, lies not in how much money was spent but in the care and attention that was put into their creation. So, “it’s the thought that counts,” as the saying goes. The problem arises when it becomes clear that neither money nor thought was put into the present. This person experienced this exact thing when they received a Christmas card from a coworker that completely baffled them.

What’s worse is that everyone in the office knows this particular coworker is extremely wealthy, yet they still bought them the cheapest card available. Actually, that’s pretty strange. Why bother giving anything at all when they could have spent more money on a nicer card and clearly didn’t put much effort or thought into choosing this card?

Basically, do you have a Venmo account I can use?

As a general rule, it’s not a good idea to keep tabs on loved ones because nobody likes a cheapskate. If you cover the bill for them occasionally — especially if you can afford to do so — you shouldn’t make a big deal out of it or ask for repayment unless you’ve lent them a substantial sum of money.

Someone obviously didn’t get the memo. He repaid his wife’s mom for a $4 soda. It would be impolite and tasteless regardless of whether or not he was as wealthy as the OP claims. The fact that his income is over $500,000 per year makes the situation even more intolerable.

Also, not one cent more

Look, you and I might think this is very strange, but it’s how the wealthy keep their wealth and how some of them get it in the first place. It’s counterintuitive, but it’s hard to imagine how someone could remain so wealthy without setting limits on their spending.

Also, not one cent more

Their refusal to pay the extra dollar for bread probably makes perfect sense to them. They can justify spending $45 on a bottle of wine, but they would never pay more than $1 for bread from a local bakery or anything else that isn’t absolutely necessary for the meal.

To Put It Simply, That’s Just a Hat

We have all heard tales of spoiled, condescending affluent people, as well as those who are simply clueless and out of touch. Here, however, is a tale about a wealthy individual who is also violent and a genuine threat to society.

What gives you the right to demand another person’s hat to the point of threatening murder if they don’t give it to you? My best guess is that this stems from a mix of mental and emotional issues brought on by extreme wealth because not even the wealthiest and craziest individuals are this insane.

issues with pets

That next family fascinated me because they hired an au pair to live with them and a pet sitter to visit their home when they went on vacation. Just because they didn’t trust the au pair to take good care of their pet? If that’s the case, it’s at once hilarious and tragic that they place greater emphasis on the care of animals than on the care of children. If they did that, it would reveal a lot about what’s important to them.

issues with pets

I’m sure the pet sitter and au pair were happy with the arrangement overall, though, because they both earned money with minimal effort and shared household duties. That is the dream job right there!

How to Clean Your House

Living with someone who had never had to clean before and therefore did not know how would drive me absolutely crazy. She really ought to inquire with her folks as to whether or not they would be willing to pay for a maid for us, and I feel like I might start dropping hints about this. That’s the best-case scenario, for sure.

And please hear me out on this. Her method of cleaning is absolutely fascinating. I mean, I realize that it’s nuts, and when I clean, I use actual cleaning materials in the way that they’re intended to be used, but now I’m so curious: do you think that would work? I mean, you’re just kind of bleaching everything. It should clean things up, at least in theory.

Absolutely Brilliant!

So, you have a thing for eating hard-boiled eggs, huh? Certainly not to that extreme. There are those who can’t get enough of hard-boiled eggs. Perhaps she was inspired by Gaston’s song in Beauty and the Beast: “When I was a lad, I ate four dozen eggs every morning to help me get large, and now that I am grown, I eat five dozen eggs so that I am roughly the size of a barge.”

However, I fail to see the logic in consistently producing twelve, eating two, and discarding eight. Does she have no idea that hard-boiled eggs last forever in the fridge? One of their best qualities is that they are so adaptable. That, and it’s loads of fun to dye them and hide them all over the yard for Easter.

The Sheets and Laughs Experiment

This next story has me scratching my head. It’s not even a toy-related issue. Some parents simply don’t buy their children toys because they are adamant that their kids spend as much time as possible outside, engaging with the world and not being sheltered from it. We have no problem with that.

The kids’ beds don’t have sheets on them. I’m going to assume a premise here and say that having bedsheets is the norm. If the woman is indeed wealthy, then why did she omit to purchase bed linens for her family? Why would a mother who has been described as “amazingly kind” would choose to go without buying her children proper bedding?

Just Doesn’t Make Any Sense

Fruit consumption? Yes, that’s a fantastic plan of action. Considering how much-added sugar many of these foods contain, I wouldn’t say they’re the healthiest option. Although this may be the case, fruit is still preferable to a wide variety of other foods. Have someone else do the fruit peeling for you? Slightly odd, but by all means, indulge if you have the means to do so. Even if it is for something trivial, I’m sure someone is happy to get paid.

But having someone you don’t know leaving peeled fruit in your refrigerator at a home you rarely visit? Seriously, what gives with that? Why do they keep fruit on hand as if someone might walk in at any second and want some? If that’s the case, the housekeeper can probably buy and peel some within a short amount of time. This is totally insane.

The Perfect Family

Look, it’s a sad reality that many families and couples have a lot of issues behind closed doors despite how things appear on the outside. There are many reasons why people prefer to keep their troubles to themselves while putting on a show for the rest of the world.

Perhaps they want everyone to believe their marriage is perfect so that no one feels sorry for them or tries to intervene. Who can say? The fact that this au pair felt this way is unfortunate because, as she points out, au pairs typically integrate into the host family.

Promoted on Television

I suppose you’re bound to see some strange things when your job requires you to go to people’s homes every day. As we’ve seen in this thread, the wealthy lead such radically different lives from the rest of us that touring their mansions is like going on an anthropological expedition.

In this case, the TV installer visited a mansion and discovered that there were already 14 TVs present, including six in the bathrooms. What’s the point of having a dozen screens in here? How big is that restroom, exactly? Not to mention, we have no business prying into the reasons why his wife is sleeping elsewhere in the house or why his children refuse to speak to him.

Totally Ruined

Having wealthy parents could have both positive and negative effects. If you were constantly showered in opulence and given your heart’s desire, you might develop a warped view of the world. It’s not surprising that affluent kids lose touch with reality to some extent, right?

On the other hand, you’d have a great childhood where you always got what you wanted (including a sweet car on your sixteenth birthday), where you never went hungry, where you never wore out your clothes, where you never had to say no to anything you asked for. Forget it; it’s not much of a sword and a shield. Sure, it would have been great to be a privileged kid.

You are, of course, but what am I?

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to find the next story so irritating. Perhaps the experience of gaining wealth through chance and then being a jerk about it is much more unpleasant than having it bestowed upon you at birth. It’s somewhat more understandable that someone who was born into wealth would be completely out of touch with reality.

I mean, really, dude, you’re a schlub who can’t run a business, and the only reason you have any money at all is that you married someone who was rich, and you have the audacity to complain about people who are “entitled”? There needs to be some serious self-reflection on your part, pal.

No Big Deal, It’s Only a Hamburger

You can still be a decent human being even if you become wealthy. You have the option of becoming a super wealthy person. They’re out there in droves, and they’re the ones who put their wealth to good use and avoid being entitled, rude snobs. But there are also plenty of wealthy people who have allowed their wealth to corrupt them.

This guy, for instance. It’s perfectly fine to decline a burger because the bun has sesame seeds on it, especially if you ordered it without realizing that it would come on that kind of bun. I can’t think of a single circumstance where it would be okay to throw the burger at the chef. You might as well just expect the guy to spit in your burger when he remakes it.

Seems Like a Good Time With These Folks

In the next tale, I have many inquiries about the household. To begin, there’s no reason a kid that age would require such a complex hair routine. Do you want their hair to be shiny so that you can get them modeling jobs? Perhaps this was all meant to encourage hair growth in the child who was born bald, but it seems excessive.

Second, it’s great that you’re trying to feed your kids healthy food, but are you positive they’re getting everything they need from a diet consisting solely of fish and salad? Third, wouldn’t it be better to stop worrying about whether or not a child’s hair is in good condition and whether or not their diet is balanced and instead concentrate on why a child of that age is not yet potty trained?

Procedural Approach

Now I’m starting to second-guess myself because of the author’s condescending tone, but… Shouldn’t you wear an Apple Watch on your shoe instead of counting steps with it? In any case, it wouldn’t mistakenly count steps when all you were doing was swinging your arms. That makes a lot of sense.

It’s not hard for a smartwatch to mistake arm motion for walking. Out of curiosity, I once wore my smartwatch on my right hand while strumming a guitar, and by the end of a two-hour session, I had logged seven thousand steps. Putting it on your foot might give you a more reliable total. That’s all I’m saying.