These HGTV Programs are Totally Staged!

Without a doubt, reality shows have been one of the most entertaining programs on TV these days. For the popular cable channel, Home and Garden Television (or HGTV), home improvement is also an attractive topic. Let’s be real, who doesn’t want to watch such grand renovations that cause up to millions of dollars?

However, not everything is as it seems. In some cases, a reality show doesn’t mean that they are based on ‘reality’. You’ll be surprised to know that some of these HGTV top-rated programs are completely staged. Now, here are some names that you might want to avoid if you don’t want to watch such fake scenarios!

List It In A Lawsuit
Credit: HGTV

1. List It In A Lawsuit

A couple in North Carolina filed a lawsuit against the production company behind the ‘Love it or listed it’ show in April 2016. They were frequent viewers of HGTV. At that time, Deena Murphy and Timothy Sullivan responded to an ad from the popular program.

In their lawsuit, they declared that their house was left “irreparably damaged” after the crew finished with their filming. Both Deena Murphy and Timothy Sullivan has requested the firm to clean up after the damage of their construction company.