The biggest Home Decoration Trends In 2021 and the Near Future!

Interior decoration is becoming more and more focused in today’s society. The new Pantone color, Living Coral, is a rich and comforting color that can go well with various design styles and combinations. These days, the trend of home decoration design is not only about beauty but also about environmental responsibility. With the rise to fame of the de-cluttering icon Marie Kondo, new visions of minimalism also began to emerge. Since then, it has made many people love and enjoy their minimalist beautiful lines and neatness. Let’s discover the trends that are going to make waves in home decoration this year!

Minimalism in Home Decoration
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1. Minimalism in Home Decoration

Let’s come to the first home decoration today! It’s no wonder that clutter no longer brings joy to many interior designers in the age of Marie Kondo. Although eclectic jumble has been prevalent for several years, particularly in Bohemian-style spaces, there is now a shift toward simplicity and clean lines. Where five quirky pictures may have once been crowded together on a small accent wall, now one larger, clear print might make a more significant statement. Although complex designs are still standard, look for them to have a more minimalist edge that emphasizes quality over quantity!