Hotels that Truly went the Extra mile for their Guests!

For some, hotel stays aren’t particularly memorable. Some people rarely stay in hotels, while others may feel as if they spend more time in hotels than they do at home. Hotel visits, on the other hand, are often underwhelming for many people who aren’t paying for luxury accommodations. The hotel experience is becoming increasingly obsolete as fresh housing options emerge, such as Airbnb. However, this does not stop some hotels from striving for the best guest experience.

Some people may think of more chocolates, hotel decor, or more towels when considering how to improve their hotel stay. However, there are occasions when it would be good to simply have some of the daily conveniences that hotels cannot provide. It’s pleasant to stay in a hotel because you feel like you’re being pampered with regular room service and a plethora of amenities. However, the hotels that stand out the most are those that go above and above in terms of service. And in doing so, they will help their visitors forget about the conveniences they may have left at home. Here are some of the best stories where the hotels that take the visitor experience to the next level.

For $80, what do you get?

“Not too far from the Mayan ruins, Marina Copan, in Copan Honduras.” OctopusMacaw convinced us with this sentence. They had converted a colonial government house into a beautiful hotel for $80 a night. We ended up with one room with two king beds and a hot tub. Besides, there were also couches and high wooden beamed ceilings. If you like romance, going in the rainy season is a great time.

For $80, what do you get?

You think a hotel room for $80/night would mean the bare minimum facility and service. But this hotel really offers a luxurious experience at an affordable price. Not far from the border with Guatemala, Copán is an archaeological site of the Mayan civilization in the Department of Copán in western Honduras. As far as discovering an incredible culture and region, you can’t ignore it either.