Best Types of Houseplants That Are Healthy to Keep at Home!

The houseplants market is growing rapidly nowadays. There has been a big increase in demand for these types of plants with more colorful and hardier varieties. Firstly, they are quite trendy and make a great choice of home decor. Furthermore, these indoor plants can also help to improve your well-being, according to many studies.

They have proved to purify the air in your house, as well as removed dangerous substances like formaldehyde and ammonia. Additionally, you can reduce stress when tending houseplants. If you’re still unsure of what type to get, here are the best options of plants that you can keep indoor.

Aloe Vera

1. Aloe Vera

One of the most useful plants you can keep indoors is aloe vera. In addition to the air and oxygen cleaning advantage it shares with other plants, it also functions as a life-saving first aid station! Aloe is one of the robust medicinal plants that you can grow indoors.

The gel inside the aloe leaf that allows it to hold water in extreme desert climates is an excellent first aid for minor burns, especially sunburns. Cut off a small part of the end of a leaf, peel off the outer layer, and apply cooling, healing balm.