Best Interior Design Tips From Joanna Gaines!

If you follow the HGTV’s Fixer Upper show, you must be familiar with the name Joanna Gaines. With her husband Chip, she helps people to remodel their house into their dream home. Furthermore, they also develop their own career, with the launch of their company and a television network. As a result, they have become a key member of the interior design world. Now, if you are looking for some expert suggestions on home remodeling, why not check out the list below?! We have the best interior design tips from the very own Joanna Gaines! Read on!

Determine your favorite design style
Do you love country farmhouse design? Credit: Shutterstock

20. Determine your favorite design style

Before starting to design your home, try to define your favorite design style and partner. This gives you a high starting point for starting your home makeup. In the book HomeBody: A guide to creating a space you never want to leave, Joanna Gaines helps you define your favorite interior design style. Are you a fan of the modern, bohemian, farm or industrial? If you’re not sure what to call your style, do some research on Pinterest and save the form from the show. Seek to decide what those types are called when you start finding a board with pins in a specific type, so you know how to convey your preferences.

Determine your favorite design style
Maybe you prefer a more bohemian style home. Credit: Shutterstock

If you live with a partner, it is essential to get a response so you can find some common ground. Show them your Pinterest board with all your favorite designs and pay attention to their response to what you might agree with. Both of you should feel happy in the home they share. So it might require a bit of time and compromise. However, it is best to try to find something you can both agree on instead of one person responsible for the house’s redesign.