Priceless Sports Photos That Athletes Don’t Want You To See

While it’s hard to catch up with all the action or performance in sports, we still have the hands of photographers. With their HD cameras, they are always ready to deliver the key moments of every match. In this case, some mid-action photos are just too perfect not to miss. Let’s look at our favorite images of athletes in action below!

Watch Out!

Being a basketball player means being willing to take risks in dangerous situations. In this photo, he might have misjudged his movements here. While he tried to score the point, the price he had to pay was a basketball to the face. It’s vital to remember that the basket is open at the bottom. Something like this had to hurt!

Watch Out!

That’s My Face!

You must protect the goal at all costs when you’re the goalie. By fair means or foul, you need to make sure the other team doesn’t score. This goalie may have taken his job a little too seriously. Instead, he knocked another player away with a punch to the face! While it wasn’t intended, it still looks very painful.

Showing Double Views

In many matches, a photographer can only capture a single perspective in sports photos. However, with a bit of help from this practical situation, this photographer managed to get a dual view. As the fighter suffered from the kick in his waist, the tattoo on his back also shows the image a skull getting kicked right in the jaw. Either way, this looks painful.

Not The Nose Again!

There are some body parts that you really don’t want to damage. It’d be pretty harsh to That’s Not the Ball!

That’s Not the Ball!

get hit right on your nose. This guy was about to catch the ball, but it was too late. As a result, the ball buzzed past his glove and smacked him right on the nose! This is something that anyone would find an unfortunate moment in baseball!

I’m Taking You Down With Me

Team sports can be challenging because it requires coordinated efforts. The result is sometimes stunningly unforgettable. In this photo, one player was taking a tumble and carrying the other player down with him. As such a perfectly timed shot, this one shows the moment that the two crashed with the other before hitting the ground.

Taking Him Down Too

The Aim Is Slightly Off

For certain sports like boxing or football, one wrong move can bring you great harm. When these two players tried to handle the ball, one of them made a mistake in the calculation. While the kick was meant for the ball, he ended up hitting his opponent’s private part. We do hope that they at least got a time out to recover.

The Aim is a Bit Off

This Hurts

Seeing certain photos of athletes, you can’t help but feel sorry for them. In this case, getting a ball hitting your face directly is not a strange feeling for most soccer players.

It Hurts to Look at

Still, we have to credit the photographer that captures photos like this that day.