When Bad Luck Becomes a Friend: 40 People Who Know It Best

Across the globe, individuals engage in diverse rituals, adopt superstitions, or depend on lucky charms to improve their fortune or, more crucially, ward off misfortune. Although skeptics might insist that there’s a logical explanation for every event, occasionally, we can’t help but attribute specific outcomes to sheer bad luck. These individuals, numbering over 40, have undoubtedly faced a relentless string of bad luck, leaving them wondering when they’ll finally catch a break.

This compilation highlights the extraordinary circumstances that have occurred to these unfortunate souls, who seem to be perpetually grappling with misfortune. From bizarre accidents to uncanny coincidences, their experiences testify that life sometimes doesn’t go as planned. Read on to discover their captivating stories, and perhaps find solace in knowing you’re not alone in experiencing those dreaded unlucky days.