25 Ways to Store Food Safely In Case of Long-Term Survival!

For most people, it’s always advisable to keep your kitchen well-stocked, just in case of an emergency. However, many have failed to realize how to store their food safely. If you didn’t know how to store food, you would face lots of bad situations like your meat getting freezer burn or some canned food hitting the expiration date.

Now, if you don’t want to keep a bit of everything, you might want to start with just the essential. Do not follow the cases if your eyes being bigger than your stomach. Try not to waste anything and find a good option to keep each type of food. In our list today, we will list down some useful ways you could take note. Let’s start!

How Much Should You Store?

1. How much storage is optimal?

Before the current crisis, you should have enough food in your home for at least two weeks. However, the situation seems to last longer and be more difficult. So a two-week reserve may not be enough.

In general, you should ensure that you have enough food to last at least a month. However, there are also medium and long-term emergency options to consider. On average, you have enough food to last for three months. Long-term food storage focuses on more than three months to years.