Bizarre Tidbits About the Enchanting Swedish Lifestyle

Home Swede Home

When the World Happiness Report is published, Scandinavian countries consistently secure positions in the coveted top 5 every year. The report derives data from the comprehensive Gallup World Poll questionnaire, encompassing 14 categories spanning health, politics, education, work, and the environment. These facets of life collectively shape a nation’s overall happiness, and since 2013, Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden have steadfastly maintained their positions within the top 10.

These Nordic Scandinavians have truly mastered the art of living, but what contributes to their profound happiness? Is it solely attributed to Ikea and Abba? Certainly, there must be deeper underpinnings. Let’s delve into some astonishing insights about life in Sweden that are bound to astonish you. The Swedes unquestionably have a knack for this. Continue reading to unravel the secrets behind their ability to create a ‘Home Swede Home.’