Wild Bachelorette Party Stories From People all over the world!

Bachelorette parties, in short, are a strange type of event: they are the bride’s last ‘single celebration’ before legally tying the knot with someone. On the other hand, they make the ideal opportunity for the bridal party to come together and have fun after months of rigorous planning and preparation. As a way to treat their friends, some brides might choose a peaceful, soothing spa day or a retreat short getaway vacation. Others, however, prefer the more typical, chaotic approach of a beverage-infused holiday, whether to a tropical island or a destination like Vegas. This is where all the craziness happens. Today, let’s hear some of the wildest Wild Bachelorette Party Stories From People all over the world!


56. Don’t touch me

I had dinner with my friends, and there was a Bachelorette party at a nearby table. They are pretty noisy, obnoxious, and try to tame the service staff. Entirely inappropriate behavior, really, but at least nothing for us to worry about.

I stepped outside to relax when suddenly, 5-6 members of the Bachelorette Party caught up. A very emotional little bridesmaid attacked me and stuck her tongue in my ear. I was beginning to lose control, and the bride was apologetic at least.

Don't touch me
Image by 이리나 김 from Pixabay