40+ Things You Will Only See in Dubai

By Chris

Renowned as the playground for the wealthy and the residence of globe-trotting millionaires, Dubai boasts a skyline dominated by towering skyscrapers. While rooted in ancient desert culture, the city is undergoing a remarkable transformation fueled by Western influence and modernization. In Dubai, it’s not uncommon to witness an extraordinary sight like a Porsche, Ferrari, and Mercedes Jeep lined up together, creating a captivating spectacle that occurs on a regular basis. Take a glimpse at these captivating photos that showcase the unparalleled occurrences that can only be witnessed in this breathtakingly unique city!


Dubai, often hailed as the playground for the affluent and the residence of jet-setting millionaires, showcases a unique blend of opulence and leisure. In this remarkable city, where soaring skyscrapers define the iconic skyline, a peculiar incident unfolded. Picture this: a contented Dubai resident seeking a serene afternoon respite, peacefully dozing off on the sleek hood of his luxurious sports car. However, his tranquility was abruptly disrupted when his mischievous furry companion decided to join the fray, seeking its own form of amusement.


Now, if your definition of enjoyment includes a visit to the hospital to treat the scratches inflicted by your exotic pet, then Dubai is unequivocally the ideal destination for you! The denizens of Dubai harbor a profound affection for their majestic feline companions. So much so, in fact, that they willingly permit these graceful creatures to clamber atop their prized sports cars, seemingly unfazed by the potential consequences. Such is the captivating allure of Dubai, where unconventional encounters like these epitomize the extraordinary bond between its residents and their beloved feline friends, showcasing a distinctive aspect of the city’s culture and lifestyle.