The Best Interior Design Inspired by Celebrity Houses!

By Chris

Most people see celebrity houses mostly on television screens or social media, or sometimes on the interior magazine cover. Now, what if we tell you that archiving these looks is much easier than you think? If you want to make your home feel like this type of luxury home, we might be able to help! Find your inspirations from our list of the best interior design from Celebrity Houses right below!

Hollywood style. Shutterstock

1. Glamour from the Golden Age of Hollywood

Let’s start with the classic glamor of old Hollywood. The look isn’t influenced by a specific celebrity house but rather by Hollywood celebrities themselves: Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley.


Why not start with a posh liquor cabinet? This style was a must-have for every old Hollywood celebrity’s house, and you’ll need one as well. Choose antique-looking glass, gold, or an intricate wood design.