Most Valuable Antiques That Could Be Hiding In Your Attic!

By Chris

Almost every household has a lot of extra stuff lying around in their attic or barn. In your case, those items could be the things from your childhood that your parents give you. Furthermore, they could come from your grandparents when you inherited their property. Now, we suggest you take some time out and perhaps go through them at some point, Who knows, there could be some valuable antiques that have been hiding around for a long time. They could bring you a hefty sum of money if you sell them to the right guy. Now, here are some items you might want to look out for during your treasure hunt!

Valuable Antiques
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40. Lunch Box Collectible

Lunch boxes were made from tin rather than plastic years ago. Children can show off their favorite characters to their friends when they go to school. Given that it is difficult for children to use most of what they own, many of these lunch boxes have been destroyed over the years, or they no longer have the original thermos. So if you come across an intact lunchbox combo and thermos, you can sell it for as little as $50 to $100.


Collectible Lunch Box
Credit: History

The most expensive classic bento ever sold is Superman Fighting a Robot, distributed by Universal Studios in 1954. This box is worth $13,000, according to experts. This is the world’s most valuable lunch box. So if you do find one, make sure you bring it to the nearest auction!