Pro Tips To Double your Savings when Shopping at Thrift Stores!

By Chris

You’re probably someone who enjoys a good deal when visiting the secondhand store. But did you know that you can save even more money? After learning from a reselling business owner that often goes to thrift stores and antique stores and fine goods to sell online for better prices, we might know a trick or two. Here are some of our top thrift store shopping tips to save up 50% or more on your spending! Take a look!

30.Attend the Weekly Color Tag Sales

Every thrift shop has one day a week when the pricing of their things is reduced by half. They accomplish this by using color-coordinated tags. This week, for example, it could be the blue tags, which are 50% off. The red titles will be available for purchase next week. Every six weeks or so, it’s designed to put the oldest products on sale. If you’re willing to return each week, keep an eye out for products that will be on sale the following week.


If you can, try showing up the day before a sale and inquire with the cashier about the color tag for tomorrow. Then, as you walk down the aisles, seek them out. The following day, arrive early and go straight for those products. Keep in mind that some bosses instruct their employees not to tell clients about the color scheme since they don’t want anyone to gain an unfair edge. However, it is entirely dependent on the policies of your local secondhand store.