Photos of Superstars in their Not-So-Glamorous Life

By Chris

Many think celebrities look like they came from another world, looking luxurious and glamorous 24/7. However, no one can know how stars live after working time. These celebrities are human beings just like us, with real emotions and authentic bags under their eyes. Here are some photos of superstars in their Not-So-Glamorous life. 

1. Rihanna 

Stars are known to show a wide range of emotions when fans encounter them – and RiRi has chosen a somewhat unconventional expression to be her shock. We can’t tell precisely what scared the multi-Grammy award-winning artist, but we can see her giving her thumbs up in the photo. While fans are happy to only have a rare selfie with one of the world’s biggest superstars, Rihanna wants to get out of that position.

2. Nicolas Cage

Anyone would be thrilled to be on the same flight and close to the famous Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage. However, from the photo, it looks like he needs his alone time more than anyone. The actor looked tired. All he can offer his excited fans is a half smile and an open eye. It seems like he needs a good night’s sleep.

3. The tension of the fan with Morgan Freeman

This will be a photo of a fan with Morgan Freeman. Indeed everyone at that time was very nervous and stressed. When we look at the picture, we can see the guy sweating a lot. And sweat so much that it forms a big stain! We understand that it’s virtually impossible to control how the body sweats, but we could have chosen a better time to open the floodgates. This lesson is to double-check your clothes before taking a photo with a celebrity.


4. Unstable hug

It can be seen that a Belieber (Justin Bieber’s fan club name) is excited to meet the idol in this photo. And if you’re lucky, celebrities will accept any of your requests. While the result was a rather unpleasant photo, it was precisely what she wished. And it certainly might be her favorite picture of all time.

5. A simple outfit

Perhaps Margot Robbie left home with simple thoughts and did not think that fans would find her. She then arrives at the mall to be greeted by a man wearing an apron. And both Margot Robbie and fans love this, and while someone will be quick to point out that her outfit has a tribal print while her apron has stripes, we hope you don’t. Maybe the next time she goes to a restaurant, her company will match the tablecloth.

6. Pose with Professor X

This is the leader of the famous X-Men or award-winning actor Patrick Stewart. Meeting any of the characters will be interesting if you are a fan of the X-Men. In this photo, Patrick Stewart flashed a smile while fans flocked to him, whose bright, beaming grin screams he’s so excited to be a part of this moment.