These Babies Who Look Exactly Like Famous Stars

When looking at a child, most people will have the same question: does she/he look like the dad or mom. However, some kids take it up a notch in the ‘looking alike’ game. They are a replica of famous public figures or celebrities in many cases. Moreover, their parents even try to dress them up in similar outfits to take it to the next level. Here are some of the most famous baby doppelgangers that share a resemblance to your favorite stars today!

The Oscar Baby

His parents must be proud when their son resembles the famous actor Matt Damon. Aside from his successful career, Damon is also a renowned filmmaker. His series of hit movies makes him one of the most bankable names in the industry.

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We have to admit; the kid looks super cute. He has Matt Damon’s perfect smile and adorable dimples. There’s no doubt that he will be going places in the future with such a face like that. Who knows, we could even see him in the acting world some days. 

Baby Leo

We have seen many funny memes that come out of this picture of Leo. However, this cute baby takes that cake with his hilarious pose and impression. 

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For a bit of background, Leo’s photo was taken on the set of the Inception movie. His happy face and the right timing have made the picture viral quickly. 

Mrs. Doubtfire

One of the late Robin Williams’ iconic roles must be Mrs. Doubtfire. Starting as a graceful old lady, the talented actor shined on screen and made everyone laugh. 

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This adorable baby here is truly Mrs. Doubtfire’s doppelganger. Moreover, her round glasses and blond hair also add to the trick. We hope that she could grow up to be someone as loving as the super nanny. 

Gandalf The Wise

How does one baby look so much wiser than his actual age? In this case, his serious expression and piercing gaze greatly reminds us about the mightly wizard in the famous Lord of The Rings franchise. 

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On the other hand, we can spot some prudent lines on his forehead. It’s not hard to imagine him yelling, ‘You shall not pass at any moment in the future. 

The Baby from Hell…. ‘s Kitchen

If you’re an avid fan of Hell’s Kitchen, Gordon Ramsay must have left a deep impression on your mind. His iconic lines and angry expression have become a popular meme back in the day. 

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Judging by this picture, it seems like he’s getting a successor soon. This baby bears an uncanny resemblance to the star food critic. Aside from his unimpressed look, the golden locks help to perfect his look.  

Stranger Baby

From the look alone, we could guess that this baby’s parents are fans of the Stranger Things series. One of them must have followed Steve’s advice to create this Steve Harrington’s look. 

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With a quirky personality and cute baby face, Joe Keery has become a favorite actor of many viewers. Donning the ’80s hairstyle, we could see this baby becoming a heartbreaker in the future. 


What an adorable girl! Besides her blonde curls and complexion, all she needs is a guitar, and she could win any Taylor Swift’s look-a-like contest. Do we need to say anything about Taylor’s talent success? 

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Her outstanding songwriting skills have impressed millions upon millions of fans worldwide. Her music and album receive high ratings from industrial experts. 

Little Kevin Malone

If you have watched The Office, you might recognize this character: Kevin Malone. Brian Baumgartner has done a great job in this role, making all the viewers laugh with his mischievous personality. 

With adorable cheeks and a cute round face, this baby truly takes after this popular character. 

The Legendary Baby

Do we see a mini John Legend in this photo? Ever since his aunt posted the picture on the Internet, he has become quite famous. Even the popular singer took notice and gave his thoughts on the situation.

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In this case, John Legend shared it with a baby photo of himself with a caption saying “for comparison’s sake.” But do we need any further explanation? 

Rock’-n’-Roll Kid

Everyone back in the day was an Elvis Presley fan. We all love electrifying performances, intricated dance moves, and famous side smiles. It seems like we have found a doppelganger of the King himself this time.

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From the looks and expressions, he got them all. Moreover, his wavy black hair also added more to the looks. All he needs now is a pair of tight jeans and a high-collared shirt to hit the stage! 

30 Babies Who Look Exactly Like Celebrities

When it comes to your child, one of the first questions you’ll hear from friends and relatives is whether he or she looks like dad or mum. However, there are some children that could look like someone completely different. Looking at your infant and seeing how much they resemble a well-known celebrity or public figure must be a shock. The problem is, it’s not as odd as you might think, and it’s an amusing coincidence. To take it a step further, some parents dress their children up as the celebrities they admire. To brighten your day, we have a few newborn doppelgangers who bear an uncanny likeness to superstars.

1. Oscar-winning baby

Take this kid for example, it’s not hard to confirm that he looks like the famous actor and filmmaker Matt Damon. He has a series of hit movies and is ranked among the highest-grossing actors in the industry.

That charming smile, sparkling eyes, and attractive dimples have stolen many hearts. The features on this child’s face were the same as what we said. He may become a Martian in later life, but it is up to him to decide.