Top 10 Worst Dresses of All Time

We get it, beauty in the eyes of the beholders. But when it comes to these dresses, who would even want to buy them, not to mention wear them outside? Today, we bring you photos of people who challenge all fashion police with their choice of outfit. Some of them are even from your favorite celebrities. Take a look!

Worst dress on the red carpet?

We understand that you want to stand out from all the stars wearing fancy clothes and gowns at the event. Nevertheless, wearing such a horrible dress will like Alicia Keys here will likely backfire.

Did she fight with her stylist before the event? Because it looks like they cut out a perfectly good dress, then put her in jeans to make a statement. The singer indeed left an impression on the 46th annual Grammy Awards carpet, whether good or bad.

Back from a zoo trip

What can we say about this dress? Are you auditioning for a role in Zootopia? It seems like this dress’s designer was running low on these fabrics.

Back from a zoo trip

Then to deal with the problem, they came up with a genius idea: to combine them all and create this monstrous product. Can you think of anyone who will purchase this dress?

Spot a fan

You can always spot a fan miles away with their merch no matter where you are. It seems like this person decided that small merch might not be enough to show her love for this actor.

Spot a fan

She manages to put Edward’s face on her dress, but the blue reminds us of Frozen more than Twilight. Maybe next time, try a darker dress choice? And could we talk about the lighting around the photo?

Even the model didn’t like it.

You probably have the same thoughts as the model when seeing this dress. Can we even call it a ‘dress’? It looks like a poorly made gown with satin fabric attached.

Even with half of her face cut off, we can see that whoever wearing it was not happy. Besides, the shape of the dress makes her look extra big.

Extra fabric

We know that Asidas does athletic clothes, but even big brands sometimes make mistakes. When choosing a dress, this design is totally out of the question.

Extra fabric

The top half looks fine, but the extra fabric below makes the whole thing look quite weird. Do you even want a dress with an additional tail like this?

Dippin’ Dots

Dippin’ Dots is a kind of ice cream that often comes in tiny cold dots. However, using the same design for clothes might not be the best idea.

Dippin' Dots

We can see the vision, but it’s hard not to compare this dress to a kid’s outfit. Maybe it will come in handy at Halloween?

High fashion

We always need help understanding the high fashion dress. Did you ever feel confused looking at those outfits on the cover of a fashion magazine?
Do people wear that to go outside?

High fashion

This dress is a perfect example of this. Does it remind you of the famous Tom and Jerry block of cheese if it was in yellow? It may serve as an excellent gown for most events without the round cutouts.

Flying cheetah

If you want to stand out during Halloween, this dress will help you. The cheetah print and flowing sleeve are one-of-a-kind

Flying cheetah

You will need a moth antenna or a pair of cheetah ears to complete the look.

A “dress”

This dress comes in lovely nude color, and the cut is pretty. Moreover, even the green straps could work.
However, do we need the printed text saying ‘dress’? We all know what it is, and why are there air quotes? Maybe it has some meaning behind it that ordinary people can’t understand.

A "dress"

Pizza wedding

People want to incorporate things they love into events like weddings. However, this bride took it up a notch and picked the most unique dress for the occasion.
If you are a die-hard fan of pizza, maybe get it as a main dish. Or even have a wooden pizza oven at the venue. We don’t recommend getting married in a pizza dress, but to each their own.