Celebrities and their Famous Last Words!

Whatever aspects we consider, all celebrities are always on another level. Their legacy makes them the icon even when they pass away. As a result, such a thing as their last words is also something many people remember. Today, we have some of the most memorable and famous last words from celebrities. 

Amy Winehouse

The notorious rock star could have lived a long life. The “27 Club” singer struggled with drinking and substance abuse for her whole life. From the outside, she’s the big star with a unique style in fashion and music. However, her life was no fairytale. 

Her famous last words came from a voicemail sent to her doctor: “I don’t want to die.”

Paul Walker

When Paul Walker’s death reached the news, many were devastated. The popular actor has been acting more than 15 years before hitting it big with The Fast and the Furious. In 2013, he suddenly passed away due to a tragic car accident at 40. 

Before getting into the car from a typhoon charity event, his last words were, “Hey, let’s go for a drive.”The information was shared by an engineer who was also present on the same occasion. 

Whitney Houston

Even though she passed away, her legacy lives on forever. Who doesn’t come back and listen to I Will Always Love You once in a while? However, she suffered from various abuse issues behind the scene. Most of the problems came from her husband Bobby Brown and their abusive relationship. 

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

People found her drowned in the bathtub in a Beverly Hilton hotel room at 48. The police listed heart disease and illegal substances as the reasons behind her death. Her last words were with a friend, saying, “I’m gonna go see Jesus. I want to see Jesus.” Is this foreshadowing? 

Robin Williams

Many movies fans were shocked to learn about the passing of Robin Williams. The actor had brought joy and laughter to our lives through many roles. However, even someone that looks happy could suffer from depression. Robin Williams ended his own life at the age of 63. 

During the evening of that day, he had told these last words to his beloved wife Susan: “Good night, my love.”

Heath Ledger

The actor won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his fantastic performance as Joke in The Dark Knight. Moreover, he was also the first actor in a comic-book-related movie to win such an award. Many didn’t know that Ledger had been struggling with insomnia for many years. 

He also suffered from a respiratory illness that made him heavily rely on medication in his final days. His sister shared that his last words were spoken to her “It’ll be fine, I just need to get some sleep.”

David Bowie

David Bowie was the one who constantly reinvented himself and stood out with trailblazing musical styles. As one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, his decades-long career has affected many people long after his passing. 

Gary Oldman – his longtime friend – has shared his last words in one of their final conversation. In detail, Bowie has shared with him that music “has been my doorway of perception and the house that I live in.”

Freddie Mercury

The story of Freddie Mercury’s rise to superstardom must be one of a kind! Born in the Zanzibar archipelago in the Indian Ocean, Mercury starred as the frontman of Queen. He suffered from the immunodeficiency virus and succumbed to the disease in 1991. 

His partner Jim Hutton shared his last words: “Pee-pee.” He needed support in going to the bathroom as Mercury was too frail. 

Princess Diana

While she was living under the headline for 16 years, everything about Princess Diana remained a hot topic until this day. From her marriage to Prince Charles, the divorce and tragic passing in 1997. 

The “People’s Princess” car crashed one day in a Paris tunnel when running from the paparazzi. A fireman at the scene has retold the story of her last words when being pulled from the wreckage: “My God, what happened?”