Funny Marriage Proposals That Will Give You A Good Laugh

Many people describe their proposals as romantic, beautiful, memorable, or even perfect words. However, some of these marriage proposals below don’t seem to belong in this category. If you plan to pop the question soon, make sure to check them out to prevent yourself from making the same mistake. Here are the funniest and awkward marriage proposals that will make you laugh out loud! 

Pick the Right Side

This idea is one of the most popular marriage proposals in movies or real life. It’s fun, simple, and doesn’t cause a dent in your bank account. The woman in the photo has prepared the sweet sign for her significant other and is waiting for them to see it on the big screen. However, she didn’t notice that the banner was upside down. We hope her partner appreciated the gesture, and the couple had a good laugh when telling this story to friends and family. 

Marriage Proposals

Meanwhile, if one person is not happy about the situation, it must be the men behind her. Imagine going to the game and getting blocked by the banner the entire game? I’d be pissed if I were him. 

No Need for A Ring

Do you think there should be a book of marriage proposals guidelines? If yes, then what should be the first rule on it? Perhaps to get a ring and forgo using animals? In this case, it seems like our proposer has used his family cow to prepare a surprise for his partner. It’s a NO from us!

Marriage Proposals

First, nobody would like to see the marriage proposal on an animal. Moreover, the wording seems ominous, which didn’t give off any romantic feeling.

A Rollacoaster of A Marriage Proposal

All married lives have up and down, but the ride will always be better as long as you have each other. In this case, the couple already faced their first up and down challenge: getting their proposal right. This guy must have asked for help from their friends to pop the question to his girlfriend, Lindsay. 

We have to give them a point for understanding their assignment. The gang held up the banners correctly and even smiled at the camera when reaching the photo segment. We hope Lindsay says yes to this sweet gesture! 

Why not use Google Maps?

With the 2.0 in the name, should we assume that the first attempt didn’t go well? With the new proposal, we hope that she says yes. Nevertheless, we have to give the man a point for trying again. It looks like he has used a mighty wingman this time: Google Maps vehicle. After learning that the car would pass through his neighbor, he formed a plan. 

Marriage Proposals

From the picture, we can see that everyone has a good time. Now the only thing this man has to do is go back and wait to see the final photo on Google Maps. It might take a while, though. 


After the no animal rule, using food as a decoy for your ring must also be banned. Many people choose to propose with a ring hidden in their partner’s food. However, this is unromantic and a choking hazard! Do you want to wear a dirty ring that has been in a cake or a glass of champagne? 

Moreover, what if you consume the ring unexpectedly? Judging by this photo, it seems like someone has made this mistake. While no surgery would be needed, the bride-to-be won’t be happy to get her ring back after the whole fiasco. 

No Cow, just Chicken

Thi cute banner is also one of the most popular marriage proposals ideas. There could be a cute behind story in here. Perhaps the couple has their first date at Church’s Chicken, so one of them might think of using the place for their proposal. 

Marriage Proposals

We hope Shineka says yes to this question, seeing that this would make a great story to tell at the wedding.

Dolphin Makes the perfect Wingman?

It turns out a dolphin can be a human’s most trusted ally, especially for this guy. Seeing that the couple is kissing, we deem the task a big success. 

Marriage Proposals

You can pick any location to pop the question, like the chicken drive through above or the ocean in this case. Just make sure you get it right! 

Taco Bell is In! 

Taco Bell and wedding, who would have thought? Does this couple’s love story involve some dates at this restaurant chain? Or perhaps one of them is an avid fan of this sauce? 

Marriage Proposals

However, for marriage proposals, go big or go home. A bucket of sauce could do better than just a tiny packet. However, don’t think about using this if your partner is not a fast-food lover.

A Jump Scare might not be ideal! 

Before proposing, giving your girlfriend a heart attack might not work very well in persuading her. A surprise proposal should not include such a risk.

Marriage Proposals

If you are trying a stunt like this, be prepared to suffer from their anger after.

10,000 Bottles Of Pepsi

Is this the guy we often read about in our math homework? Imagine buying thousands of bottles and trying to arrange them into such an artwork. 

Marriage Proposals

If your partner is willing to go through the extra mile for you, they indeed love you a lot. To Steph, we hope you say yes. And perhaps save the bottles for the engagement party after.