Moments When People Wish They Can Turn Back Time

When the world went into lockdown last year, we spent most of our time at home. However, it’s been no holiday. People still have their share of bad days, and we thank those who find some humor in them for posting them online. Here are some hilarious human errors to light up your days.

Ducks Love Your New Driveway

Paving a driveway is no joke. The driveway crew would say this photo is no laughing matter, but we beg to differ. A few workers poured concrete on a new house’s driveway when they decided they wanted some lunch. When they returned, they discovered that a flock of duck friends from a nearby duck pond had come out to play on the still-wet concrete. It’s safe to say this family will have duck feet printed permanently on their driveway. 

The Simpson Skincare

This girl knows not to skip on a facemask. Like everyone during quarantine, she DIY’ed a turmeric facemask. Yet, things went a little wrong. Ask anyone who has cooked with turmeric, and they’ll tell you it stains your fingers. Poor Sophia couldn’t wash the color off and looked like Bart Simpson. At least she still found the humor in it. Sometimes the cure to a bad day is to be able to laugh at yourself.

Midnight Thirst Can Be Destructive

Ever been so thirsty you rip the refrigerator door open? Yeah, that sounds hard to believe, right? But this one Reddit user has. He went to the kitchen in the middle of the night, looking for something to quench his thirst, but he had to replace his fridge. All he did was open the fridge door, and it came off. The guy must have some Hulk-level strength when he’s thirsty. Unfortunately, he will also have to find a new fridge in the morning and replace everything there.


We love a relationship where people try on different outfits to see what the other person thinks. This man is just having one of those days, but when he puts on two different shoes to see which one his wife thinks looks better and forgets to switch out the other one. We can’t imagine what the people in the office must have felt when they saw him walk into the building with mismatched shoes. Luckily, these shoes are both brown, but they are not a close enough match to overlook. It must have been not very pleasant.

Muddy little monster

The state of this room right now is an accurate representation of the catastrophe in some horror movies. This poor puppy was caught in the rain outside and sought cover the only way he knew how – through the dog flap. Unfortunately for his owners, the dog brought the rain in with him and covered the floor and furniture with mud. A deep clean is on schedule for the following morning. We hope they don’t get mad at the dog, though, because look at the remorse on his face!

Yark in the cloud

What you’re looking at is a washing machine malfunction. Suds spilled out the door and into the front yard, settling around a lone tree. Sure it was a disaster, but it made the garden look like a piece of heaven. This is what we imagine it would have looked like in the Garden of Eden if that tree were the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The soap suds look like cotton candy clouds.

Sometimes Parents Do Mess Up

Every parent knows to get anything sharp, fragile, and quickly knocked over out of arms’ reach from the kids. Well, you know what, parents? Sometimes you’re the problem! Take this parent’s encounter with a bag of flour, for example. It is good practice to move a bowl of flour away from your child when you’re baking. Their hands will touch everything, and there’s a high possibility they may knock it over. But this mess on the floor wasn’t the daughter’s fault. It was the fault of the mother’s elbow!

Mini Fridge or Mini Boom

You gotta love a new house that comes with perks. For this guy, it was a bonus mini-fridge in the basement. Naturally, he used the fridge to store all his alcohol. But maybe he shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions that quickly. Lo and behold, what he thought was a fridge was a freezer. It froze all his beer, and most of them even exploded out of their cans. It’s going to be even more frustrating to clean that cooler out. Shame that all that beer went to waste.

Hair Strip

Girls, we know the pain of a bad hair day, but nothing can prepare this woman for the day she is about to have. She walked through a fly strip and got her hair caught in it. She spent an hour in the bathroom trying to shampoo the glue and fly guts out of her hair. If that isn’t a bad day, we don’t know what is. Just looking at that fly strip is making us gag. We sincerely hope she managed to get all that gunk out.


Oh boy. This driver is in for a surprise when they get out of the car. How do they not notice that their phone has been dragging along on the ground for the past hour? Someone’s having a bad day here. The fact that it’s hanging by the phone charger is even more alarming. But you must admit that the cable is pretty powerful to stay intact throughout all that impact, pinned between a car door! Well done, Apple.