The Most Unique Pregnancy Announcements on The Internet

There’s nothing like happiness when you discover you’re going to be parents. From the first discovery to the preparation, everything is a significant milestone. Meanwhile, one of the most memorable moments during this journey must be the revelation. In this case, some new moms and dads have taken it up a level to create unique pregnancy announcements that will make everyone laugh. Take a look below! 

A Baby Is Soon to Hatch 

The amount of great effort it must have taken to develop the idea and implement the entire concept is impressive. The new parent even dressed up as dinosaurs for a complete look! This is so adorable, don’t you think so? Now everyone knows they will soon have a “little monster” hatching.

The Secret Recipe 

This parent has found the perfect method for explaining how babies come to be. Instead of telling the typical story of the birds and the bees, the couple creates a simple recipe. Just combine all the components, bake it up, and you’ll have a little one in about nine months. Imagine how shocked the older sister in the photo will be to learn that her sibling needs to “bake” for nine months.

A Little Too Much Announcement 

Next, we have another couple with another fun idea! They turned their birth announcement into a baking recipe. “Baby recipe: 1 cup mommy, 3 pumps daddy, mix with love, bake until July,”. This is funny yet a little bit too informative. Maybe they should have kept the details of their baby-making to themselves. Or, at least keep the “pumps” part out of the list.

Three Was Never Enough

Some people dream of having a big family, while others are happy with just a few kids or none. Yet these parents seemed enthusiastic to continue building their family. They already have three kids, and now two more are on the way. Still, their announcement shows the hilarious fact that they want to give some of them away.

This Gender Reveal Cost A Lot

The birth announcement isn’t the only thing parents are getting creative with nowadays. Many parents also like to reveal their baby’s gender creatively. This growing family went for something completely different: they got a helicopter to release blue smoke into the atmosphere. This is a fantastic way to reveal the babies’ gender, yet it definitely is not cheap.

Time to Move Out 

Announcing that their toddler would be moving out of the crib to make room for a new baby could also be a good way to hint about the pregnancy. However, the first child does not seem to please with it. They will probably get an even bigger and better bed to enjoy. They may be crying now, but that will soon change! 

The Crowded Bathtub 

Everyone knows kids can be challenging, and it looks like these parents wanted to make that a part of their birth announcement. “Gremlins 2 – the second batch coming August 2021,” they wrote on a sign positioned behind their toddler. They also splashed some water on their child, which they didn’t look too happy about, to make it match the unexpected warning sign on the wall.