Hilarious Shein Reviews That Will Give You A Good Laugh

By Chris

When buying clothes online, it’s a hit-or-miss kind of situation. Many of us must have experienced at least one shopping failure during our conquest of the Internet. Don’t worry, you are not alone! Today, let’s run through some of the most hilarious Shein reviews that make us question humanity at its finest. 

It’s Sid From Ice Age!

A good pair of sunglasses is a big plus to your outfit. Once in a while, you can even choose to go for some cool shades with unique designs or colors. This girl has the same idea until she receives the package. 

These tiny shades not only fail to cover her face but also remind us of a popular cartoon character: Sid from Ice Age. Perhaps she could find a good use for them in the future. 

He Wore It Better

Gone was the day the product photo model looked better than the buyers. This guy was looking for a unique wig on Shein and found one that worked perfectly for his face shape. 

Does Shein need a new wig model? We think this guy will totally rock it. Maybe people will be more interested in buying the product now. 

Does She Like It?

Asides from regular human clothes, you can also find some good products for your pets on Shein. In this case, the dog’s owner must have thought this cute pink jersey would look amazing on their small dog. 

Judging by her face, it seemed like it was a NO for her. While we think the pup is adorable, her teeth dared us to say any words. 

A Great Background

Do we need a time and place to take a review photo? This girl just wanted to take a cute pic of her new shirt, but couldn’t she pick a better time? 


The poor guy behind was just chilling in the bathroom but has become an involuntary photobomber. 

Look At Him Slay!

Why do some guys wear wigs better than us women? Besides, it seemed like he accidentally opened his front camera on a night out to take a photo. 

Look At Him Slay!

With that wig on, we have to say he doesn’t look too bad. It’s not the usual good blond we see on female movie characters, but it does look realistic enough. 

The Elephant In The Room

If you have long, thick hair, drying them after a shower is always a nightmare. You’ll need more than your typical blow dryer for the job. So Shein has stepped in and offered some solutions for us. 

The Elephant In The Room

It might look funny at first, but this lady seems happy with her purchase. Put the big bag on your head, then use the blow dryer on the other end. 

Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

Buying mirrors online usually comes with a risk of them being broken during shopping. However, this girl proves that there are more problems we need to be aware of before paying. 

Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

Overall, these mirrors look fantastic when she puts them on the wall. Things took a hilarious turn when she tried to take a mirror selfie. What is wrong with the reflection? Did she accidentally buy fisheye mirrors?