Tacky Wedding Decisions That Were Shared Online

Weddings are one of the most memorable events in anyone’s life, especially if you are one-half of the couple getting married. You want this day to be special, unique, and of course, just to your liking. When you decide to implement your decor as you’ve always dreamed, or maybe scroll too much online searching for ‘cool’ ideas, you run into some disasters, knowingly or unknowingly. The Facebook page “That’s it I’m Wedding Shaming” is dedicated to sharing disasters caught at weddings, from the guests wearing something embarrassing to tacky decor. There’s a bit of everything in this collection, and it might just serve as a guide on what not to do at your wedding in the future.

Don’t Wear White To The Wedding

How is it that, after years and years of wedding celebrations, guests still think it’s okay to wear white to a wedding? This has to be the number one rule when attending a wedding, yet people still choose to outshine the bride — or at least try to. This poor bride had the misfortune that her mother-in-law decided that she would wear white to the wedding. The bride had a genius idea and collaborated with the photographer to photoshop every photo they took by recoloring her dress to red. 

Don't Wear White To The Wedding

Cinderella Adaptation Gone Wrong

Clear shoes are only cute in fairy tales, precisely one to be exact, and that’s it. They are super impractical and look weird. You can see how squished your feet are; they fog up very quickly. No one wants to see your awkward toes in these. This wedding attendee snapped a photo of someone wearing some clear shoes, hopefully not the bride. Her toes are not only smushed, but any nail polish she’s wearing won’t be visible much longer if her feet start sweating and fog up the glass.

Cinderella Adaptation Gone Wrong

Runaway Bride And Groom Theme ?!

Some brides and grooms like a bit of a vintage touch at their wedding, and we understand that the old times may appeal to more of the older guests, and there is beauty in old things, but be careful with what you choose to add to the end of the aisle. This pair decided it was a splendid idea to add not one but two stacks of old suitcases right where they ought to stand and give their vows. Here’s the problem with that — if either would like to leave, this is a literal way to grab a suitcase and run off. 

Never Too Much Flower

Wedding bouquets symbolize fertility and new beginnings, though this tradition has come a long way. That said, the older custom has inspired some new modern takes on the classic bouquet, and some of them are questionable at best. This bride has a literal double bouquet, and while it is not so unappealing at first, it seems like they’re doubling up on the need for fertility or new beginnings. Maybe it’s a loophole? Whatever the reason, it’s overkilled.

Never Too Much Flower

DIY Was Never Easy

We love it when brides take to DIYing some of their big day’s decor and goodies to save them a few bucks, but you need to draw a line between saving money and creating some seriously tacky items. Maybe scroll the internet a bit more for ideas first? This bride-to-be posted to her social media, proudly showing the DIY candle holders. That’s great for their budget, but it burns our eyes. It is exceptionally tacky and looks like they have dipped a candle holder in glue and rolled it in the clearance bin. 

DIY Was Never Easy

Wedding Cake Gone Wild

There has been a trend for cute and unique cake toppers, and this bride and groom wanted in on the fun. The cutest little pair of alligators are seen on the top of this cake; perhaps these hold some significance for the couple. But there’s more to unravel here. There is a giant gummy snake in front of the cake, and we’d like to ask one question: why? It’s odd and out of place on your wedding cake table. Leave it to the kiddy area, perhaps. 


Strange and Funny Lawn Mowers You Need to See

Having a well-kept lawn can help increase your house’s aesthetics. However, weeding is hard and takes a lot of work, so you’ll need a tool. For this reason, many have developed unusual lawnmowers to make the experience more enjoyable. Instead of using a conventional lawnmower, these families got creative by creating lawnmowers with innovative shapes that would make anyone stop and take a second look. Most of these models are not only strange but also quite funny. And we’ve rounded up a few of them in one place for your entertainment.

1. Gravely Machine 1947

In the 70s, we will most likely encounter a Gravely like this. This lawn mower concept was quite popular in the 1940s. It is one of the oldest names in the lawn mower world, designed by Benjamin Gravely in 1911. The powered lawn mower gained much attention and sales in 1922, and then it was completely remodeled. To this day, Gravely remains a force to be reckoned with in the lawn mower industry.

2. Bicycle lawn mower

Have you considered combining a lawn mower with a bicycle if you are a cyclist? While it’s not a lawnmower design we’re familiar with, it certainly looks interesting. An extra metal support bar is attached to the bike frame to attach the blades. There is no motor to power the mower, as the legs are its energy source. It will be intriguing to see how far and fast anyone can go with this bike lawn mower on the field.

3. NASCAR Cutter

If you are a NASCAR fan, you may enjoy seeing this product. The device even caught the attention of legendary racer Dale Earnhardt. This French-like figure 3 has all the sponsored decals Dale received while driving his car. There’s a good chance the developer of this lawn mower is a Dale fan and finds joy in keeping his favorite driver close while mowing the lawn.

4. Classic lawn mower

A regular lawn mower is very prone to errors in the tires. However, this model is lucky enough to have a creative owner to fix the problem without spending much money. The only money they needed to spend was gas. The wooden tire fits well and is round enough to complete the job. In addition, it is the right size compared to the front tire.

5. Lawn Mower Low Rider-Lawn

This must be the unique lawn mower you will surely turn your head on when you see it. This man managed to chop down a part of his motorcycle, then weld the body of a lawn mower to it. Our creative developer even added some custom paintwork.

Top Decor Tips to Maximize the Smallest Spaces!

Having a hard time finding a place for all of your belongings? If you have a small house, it will seem like an impossible task to keep it clean and organized. Now, if you are thinking of getting rid of your stuff to clear the space, we have something even better. Here are our top 40 decor tips to make the most of your small space. Take a tour!

Add Unobtrusive Partitions

1. Try Unobtrusive Partitions

To separate a room or areas of your room, try using a simple wall. Doing it this way will prevent you from feeling ‘too’ isolated. Choose a slatted wood “wall” in this case, and you’ll be able to see everything in sight while keeping each area private.

Best Design tips that will make your room look bigger!

As time goes by, we will definitely need more space than we originally thought. The house that you are living in might not be enough, but do you really have the budget? At one point, you will need space for your pets or your extended family members. Now, instead of having to knock down your walls, we might have some design tips that can help.

Even if your home is not the biggest, you can try to create an illusion of space in each room. By doing this, you can make it feel like each area is larger than its actual footage. The first step we suggest today is to decide the function of each room before you start. Without further ado, let’s check out our design tips right below!

Design tips
Make sure that the furniture in your small space is multi-functional and has a practical purpose.

1. Choose Your Room Accents:

Gwen Snyder Siegel, an interior designer, has a saying that we think is quite useful: if you are living in a smaller house or an apartment, your rooms should be multifunctional. Besides, she also mentions that we should choose pieces that are practical and fit daily use.

One of the main reasons for this advice is that most small spaces won’t fit all the stuff that we have no use of. Furthermore, these things will start to clutter the area and make it seems smaller. Now, it’s time to recreate your small space and make it into your spacious dream home!