Jimmy Fallon Asks People to Share Their Biggest Wedding Fails Shared

Every couple envisions their wedding day as one of the most joyous moments in their lives. Months of meticulous planning go into crafting the perfect event, from selecting the ideal attire, curating the guest list, and securing the perfect venue to choosing the cake and attending to every intricate detail for that enchanting evening. However, life occasionally throws unexpected curveballs, threatening to disrupt what should be the most cherished day. With the assistance of devoted Twitter enthusiasts, Jimmy Fallon curated a collection of the most cringe-inducing wedding mishaps. We can only hope these couples exchanged vows of “Til death do us part” before these comically chaotic wedding escapades unfolded.

40 Wedding Dresses That Made Guests Say ‘Wow!

Wedding dresses are not just garments but expressions of love, style, and individuality. In this article, we will take you on a delightful journey through 40 wedding dresses that have amazed guests. These dresses go beyond traditional designs, each telling a unique story and capturing the essence of the bride’s personality. From classic elegance to daring creativity, get ready to be inspired by these remarkable bridal gowns that left a lasting impression on all who attended the weddings. Join us as we explore the bridal fashion world and discover how these dresses added a touch of magic to these unforgettable celebrations.

Tacky Wedding Decisions That Were Shared Online

Weddings are one of the most memorable events in anyone’s life, especially if you are one-half of the couple getting married. You want this day to be special, unique, and of course, just to your liking. When you decide to implement your decor as you’ve always dreamed, or maybe scroll too much online searching for ‘cool’ ideas, you run into some disasters, knowingly or unknowingly. The Facebook page “That’s it I’m Wedding Shaming” is dedicated to sharing disasters caught at weddings, from the guests wearing something embarrassing to tacky decor. There’s a bit of everything in this collection, and it might just serve as a guide on what not to do at your wedding in the future.

Don’t Wear White To The Wedding

How is it that, after years and years of wedding celebrations, guests still think it’s okay to wear white to a wedding? This has to be the number one rule when attending a wedding, yet people still choose to outshine the bride — or at least try to. This poor bride had the misfortune that her mother-in-law decided that she would wear white to the wedding. The bride had a genius idea and collaborated with the photographer to photoshop every photo they took by recoloring her dress to red. 

Don't Wear White To The Wedding

Cinderella Adaptation Gone Wrong

Clear shoes are only cute in fairy tales, precisely one to be exact, and that’s it. They are super impractical and look weird. You can see how squished your feet are; they fog up very quickly. No one wants to see your awkward toes in these. This wedding attendee snapped a photo of someone wearing some clear shoes, hopefully not the bride. Her toes are not only smushed, but any nail polish she’s wearing won’t be visible much longer if her feet start sweating and fog up the glass.

Cinderella Adaptation Gone Wrong

Runaway Bride And Groom Theme ?!

Some brides and grooms like a bit of a vintage touch at their wedding, and we understand that the old times may appeal to more of the older guests, and there is beauty in old things, but be careful with what you choose to add to the end of the aisle. This pair decided it was a splendid idea to add not one but two stacks of old suitcases right where they ought to stand and give their vows. Here’s the problem with that — if either would like to leave, this is a literal way to grab a suitcase and run off. 

Never Too Much Flower

Wedding bouquets symbolize fertility and new beginnings, though this tradition has come a long way. That said, the older custom has inspired some new modern takes on the classic bouquet, and some of them are questionable at best. This bride has a literal double bouquet, and while it is not so unappealing at first, it seems like they’re doubling up on the need for fertility or new beginnings. Maybe it’s a loophole? Whatever the reason, it’s overkilled.

Never Too Much Flower

DIY Was Never Easy

We love it when brides take to DIYing some of their big day’s decor and goodies to save them a few bucks, but you need to draw a line between saving money and creating some seriously tacky items. Maybe scroll the internet a bit more for ideas first? This bride-to-be posted to her social media, proudly showing the DIY candle holders. That’s great for their budget, but it burns our eyes. It is exceptionally tacky and looks like they have dipped a candle holder in glue and rolled it in the clearance bin. 

DIY Was Never Easy

Wedding Cake Gone Wild

There has been a trend for cute and unique cake toppers, and this bride and groom wanted in on the fun. The cutest little pair of alligators are seen on the top of this cake; perhaps these hold some significance for the couple. But there’s more to unravel here. There is a giant gummy snake in front of the cake, and we’d like to ask one question: why? It’s odd and out of place on your wedding cake table. Leave it to the kiddy area, perhaps. 


The Weirdest Wedding Photos you Have Ever Seen

A wedding is the most important event in everyone’s life. However, instead of taking pictures with a standard style, these couples decided to go for a unique approach. And thanks to the internet, we can all join the fun! Here is a slideshow of the naughtiest wedding photos, so sit back and enjoy the article below!

1. Naughty hand

Looking at this photo, we can see the groom’s hand is placed in the sensitive place of the girl next to him. While the bride was still in her wedding dress, standing next to him, his hand was still blatantly placed on another woman’s body. Unfortunately for him, his bride has seen it all. We doubt he’ll make it through the first night as a couple.

1. Naughty hand

2. Hot bridesmaids

Judging from the view, the happy couple must have chosen to host their wedding on a yacht floating at sea. However, the highlight of this photo is their chosen outfit. Instead of the usual log dresses, the bridesmaids were in bikinis. 

3. Weird Pants

The photo above looks like the men are playing a game: “Who has the best butt?” Probably the best groomsman we’ve ever seen, the seventh man probably waiting to kick a ball into the men’s line. Because, yes, a boy is a boy.

Weird Pants

4. The bride is 2 meters tall

At first glance, you might think the bride in the photo is up to 2 meters tall. But if you take a closer look, you can see that her new husband is hiding under her dress. The couple posed strangely for a photo shoot on the street, despite the unexpected glances of passersby. Hopefully, after this photo, the two lovebirds will disappear from their hotel room as soon as possible. Of course, we cannot rule out that the man is simply ashamed of his appearance.

4. The bride is 2 meters tall

5. Strange couple

Most couples dream of a wedding in a romantic or beautifully landscaped setting. However, these newlyweds seemed to have something completely different in mind, as their wedding took place between sacks of grain and flour. The groom went a step further and was not only wearing a vest but also anything but his underwear. This is a very minimalist style.

Strange couple

6. Bold outfits

The bridesmaids in this photo had chosen beautiful dresses for this special occasion. However, it must have been a hot day as they wanted to let some ‘fresh air’ in. It looks like the bride herself is happy with this excellent idea. Will she lift the top of her veil?

7. Strange journey of discovery

The boy in the photo is probably curious to find out what’s underneath the dress. The bride seemed distracted, so the little adventurer had all the time in the world to look under her skirt. We can only hope the bride doesn’t just wear an article of clothing at her wedding.

Strange journey of discovery

8. Caught red-handed

The green dress these bridesmaids were wearing was perfect for the outdoor wedding. However, long dresses can be hard to wear during the summer. Moreover, they can stick to your body and cause itchiness. Scratching might solve the problem, but they might want to consider doing it in a more private place. Or at least wait until the photographer is out of sight. 

Caught red-handed

These Online Shopping Disasters Make Us Laugh Out Loud

Online shopping has removed the need for some of us to leave our homes and go to the mall. However, buying online always comes with many risks because some products appear too good to be true for the price listed. These customers ordered products online and ended up big a big surprise. Read these hilarious online shopping stories and experience them for yourself.

She received a poster with her face instead of wrapping paper

As a joke, this girl bought wrapping paper with her face on it but got a giant banner with four photos of her face. However, she seems unconcerned about the incorrect product. This order most likely made the printing company’s employees laugh out loud.

Instead Of Wrapping Paper, She Received A Poster With Her Face

One of a museum’s dinosaur bones has gone missing

Always check the size when ordering it online, or your teacup-sized dog will end up with a dinosaur bone. The dog probably still liked it, but they had to chew it for quite a long time. This bone seems like it could have been a Flinstones prop. Only Clifford, we believe, would be capable of carrying this.

A Museum Is Missing One Of Their Dinosaur Bones

Stay away from ordering “designer” dresses from China 

You’d think that people would be more careful after seeing so many women publish images of their clothing fails from shady websites. This woman’s outfit does not resemble the one depicted. The product photo was on the designer’s website, which the copycat firm located on Pinterest and used for their website.

When Will People Learn Not To Order "Designer" Dresses From China

She had requested a Cupcake Ring but instead received a silver toilet seat

This woman wanted to order cupcakes for her sister’s engagement celebration, so she went to Walmart’s bakery and showed the left photo. Nonetheless, they ended up sending her something that didn’t resemble the picture. She found the recipe on Pinterest and attempted to make it herself rather than visiting a bakery. Instead of lovely rose cupcakes, her sister receives something that looks like a cross between a tire and a toilet seat.

She Ordered a Cupcake Ring, But Got A Silver Toilet Seat Instead

That isn’t a family-friendly option

They must have added a new installment to the beloved “Frog and Toad” series. They changed the title to “Frog and Toad F*ck the Police” instead of classics like “Frog and Toad Are Friends” or “Frog and Toad Together.” That is highly inappropriate for children, and while the seller may have found it amusing, parents will not. We’re not sure why the frogs despise the cops so much, but they don’t have to tell us.

That Is Not Family Friendly

When Your Cat Is Too Big For A Bigger Bed

Despite knowing he wouldn’t fit into the Christmas tree bed, this cat gave it his all because there was an opening, and he wanted to investigate. They can now say their pet is stuck in a tree. Because of the missized bed, this cat’s self-esteem will suffer greatly; although it is counterproductive, he will seek solace in his food. Only his head got it inside, despite his best efforts.

When Your Cat Is Too Fat For The Large Sized Bed

Funniest Stories Where Guests Stole The Show At Weddings

Weddings are a joyous event, especially for the groom and bride. However, sometimes things just went a completely different way than we expected. One of the worst things is when the guests steal the spotlight from the happy couple. Today, we have some of the funniest stories where people steal the attention and max out the cringe. Ready for a wild ride? Scroll down!

“I want to go home.”

Judging by his sad expression and suitcase, it looks like the little boy is ready to go home. Did someone break his heart? Perhaps the bride?

Source: Reddit

While we cannot guess what he had in that case, he made a funny picture. His parents are probably looking for him at the party, though.

How to Control your kids

Besides the great help from the maid of honor and best man, another hero we need to thank after the wedding: the one who controls all the children. We have seen too many cases where the kids destroy the event. Some couples even ask for a no-kid wedding to prevent such a disaster.

Source: Del Sol Photography

However, if you still want to have a typical wedding with kids, make sure to find someone who can handle them. In this photo, the man was quick to grab the children minutes away from interrupting the ceremony. At least the couple had a good laugh.

“No Jumping”

This boy must have seen the bride’s dress and thought: “that will make a good landing place for a jump.” Did he mistake the dress for some fluffy pillows? He took the chance when she was walking down the aisle.

"That Looks Like A Fun Place To Jump"
Source: BoredPanda

Luckily, she was only yanked back a bit, and no harm was done. The bride must have been quite angry as this was her special moment.

“This isn’t My Party!”

While it was a happy day for the groom and bride, this little groomsman surely didn’t share the same sentiment. Imagine him stomping down the aisle. Everyone found it super hilarious.

"This isn't My Party!"
Source: Reddit

What do you think got him in such a bad mood? Maybe he didn’t want to be a groomsman? Or his tuxedo and shoes were too tight?

When T-Swift Is In The House

One of the downsides of having a famous guest is that they can instantly outshine you at your event. In this case, Taylor Swift completely stole the show when she attended her long-time best friend, Britany Maack’s wedding.

No One's Looking At The Bride When T-Swift Is In The House

The famous pop star was a great help, from joining the event’s planning to helping her friend get down the aisle.

“So Tired!!”

This adorable flower girl is at the end of her patience. If the couple couldn’t hurry up, she might get angrier!

"You've Got To Be Kidding Me"
Source: Imgur

The way the photographer captures her exhausted emotion among the happy crowd was enough to make us laugh out loud.

Coming Through

Unless you look at the background, this looks like a magical moment for the couple to say their vows. What happened to this little girl that she had to run so fast?

Nothing To See Here, Continue The Ceremony

Perhaps she wants to stretch her legs a bit, or she just needs to go to the washroom?

The Most Cringeworthy Wedding Photos You Have Ever Seen!

Wedding is fun, wedding is lovely. And what better way to remember the special day with many photos? While some couples could go for traditional and tasteful styles, others could think outside the box and make their special days unique. However, these images below might want to rethink this decision. Here are some of the most cringle wedding photos that will give you a good laugh. Take a look! 

Big Love for Watermelon

This bride and groom indeed love watermelon a lot, so much that they try to include some shots of them eating some in their wedding photos. However, did anyone warn them of the inappropriate meaning behind such a shot? 

The Weird Family Portrait

What was the reason behind such an image? For most family portraits, all members will be standing or sitting down on some chairs. However, this couple doesn’t want to follow the traditional way. We could see the mom lying on the ground, some scattered alcohol bottles. If that is not enough, the awkward hand-holding and pose triumphs everything. 

No Playing with Your Food

Many happy couples have chosen to release doves on their special day. However, could this count as “releasing” a bird? How did anyone come up with such an idea? 

Wedding photos

Bread Lovers Unite

If you ask us what happened, we’re afraid there wouldn’t be any logical explanation for this. For once, the bride could be interpreting the famous saying, “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Such a badly photoshopped picture like this shouldn’t appear on any wedding album, much less for the Internet to see. 

Wedding photos

Is It Time To Go Home?

The bride in this photo looked quite “happy” on the wedding day. Moreover, we don’t think the instrument guy is the groom, or not?! The empty tables and her expression look like a bad start to their new married life. 

Wedding photos

A Low Budget Pirate-Themed Wedding

Back in the day, it’s not hard to spot one or two awkward wedding photos like this one. It seemed like they were trying to bite their wedding bands at first glance. However, some might mistake that bride and groom had lost a tooth or two.

Wedding photos

Genie In A bottle? 

How much creativity does it take to take this photo? They must brainstorm the idea, then make the photographer edit it to look like a genie. With the deadpan expression, we wonder how they still want to keep this image?  

Wedding photos

A Bathtub Moment

If you rent a hotel room to get ready, there must be plenty of places to take power. So we still don’t understand why they think the bath is a good location. With all the bridesmaids cramping in one place, we wonder who gave the suggestions, and how come they agree to it?! 

Wedding photos

“Center Of Attention”

This couple must have a big love for centaurs, as they try to include such an idea into their wedding. You have a beautiful beach, and instead of a nice strolling photo, they decided to photoshop a horse onto their bodies.

Wedding photos

Challenging Gender Roles Wedding Photos

Nowadays, it’s not hard to find a couple who want to challenge the traditional roles. They want to prove that not everything has to follow the same route. Not all women and men need to behave similarly. 

Wedding photos

The bride and groom, in this case, are doing just that, with the help of their best man and maid of honor groups. However, we could think of a few more creative ideas that prevent them from producing the final photos like this. 

The aftereffect of 4 Or 5 Cocktails Later

When the ceremony ends and the party begins, it’s the perfect time for the couple to enjoy their first dance and have fun. In this case, the bride is undoubtedly the star of the event. When the time came, she was ready for it!

Wedding photos

From the photo, we could guess that breakdancing is not what everyone expected to see. The whole crowd completely went wild. There were a lot of surprised faces in the image. 

She went there and started breakdancing to the point that everyone in the party completely lost their minds.

Top Budget-Friendly Backyard Wedding Ideas!

Are you looking for backyard wedding ideas that aren’t too costly? Due to the ongoing pandemic from 2020 up till now, many people have decided to postpone their conventional wedding and opt for a mote simple one. Even if you still want to have a beautiful wedding elsewhere, they usually limit the number of guests to 25 to 50, depending on the available space. In this case, a small garden wedding and reception are more preferable. This type of wedding often makes you feel comfortable, private, and romantic than a massive wedding. Here are some fantastic suggestions to get you started.

Backyard makeup
The money you save in having a wedding at home could be enough for a patio makeover. Credit: Shutterstock

30. Backyard decor

The average wedding cost in the United States is reportedly around $33,900. While lots of people could get money from their parents or make do with a credit card, the aftermath of such a grand event will sometimes lead to debt. Due to the pandemic, there have been many cases where they have to cancel their wedding venue booking and lose their initial deposit. Instead of putting money into renting a venue, those dollars will last forever when you could consider some alternative landscaping.

Backyard makeup
Landscaping is a must if you’re going to have a backyard wedding. Credit: Shutterstock

Your wedding only lasts for a day, but your backyard makeover can last years. If you are planning to have landscape a backyard wedding, you can start by planting a lawn or even pay for a lawn farm to give the perfect looks. If you need more privacy, you can use your budget to install a privacy fence. Even on a much smaller budget, you can still decorate the place with flowers, buy a new lawnmower or mow your lawn, or even hire a professional landscaper to come and make sure everything looks fantastic on the weekend of the ceremony.